Wednesday, April 10, 2013


the funny - but significant story of the day is much dO YOU TRUST YOUR DOG?

i know this hippa bit-- so i will not use the person's name-just the dog-Charlie... CHARLIE'S OWNER a veteran HAS SOME kind of seizure disorder which causes him to fall - then become disoriented and recover and stand up all in the course of 2 or 3 minutess.

well ----he was in walmart with his wife- and she was standing in line to checkout when he fell- causing the usual commotion- she turned and looked- and saw that charlie was on the case- and opted not to loose her place in line - she let charlie handle it.

funny story... but it is amazing how being independent is such a joy to those who might loose it.

jpcelyn aka57 fell near the barn and using teal she got herself up and the grin on her face was infectious we all cheered.. the sequence of the shots is on mark's shutterfly for last sunday.( try photos off our web-- photo's # 24-25-26)

i keep thinking we have been lucky to land these dogs where they do so much good... with 50 out working------ maybe it is the concept that is good

(that requires less ability on our part.-)


 we are now going thru the app file and trying to figure out which dog would work best where---- i wish we had a hundred dogs to choose from- truth is we have- in the current year 26 dogs "on the ground" starting with maybe 2 or 3 next month... thanks to annenberg foundation we can grow that even further next year... hopefully.

which brings up "who next?? " merlow and scarlott would be ideal with either walter or yellow with merlow --- and bentley with scarlott.


*all of which brings up th e next problem--housing?? we are used to the problem of heat-- and spring and summer are no relief from houseing worries because of mosquitos-- can almost be as big a challenge as heat...

my solution has been to use a big fan to blow air ( and bugs) out of the dog houses into a net-- and we catche 1000% more mosquiitos than the $500 whatever it is called.. i have one in the corner of the garage-- i gave it away twice and people keep giving it back to me. anybody else want to try??

i would swap it for a 2' diameter net any day of the week... couple coat hangers and $6 worth of fine net and you have a deal


speaking of ecological problems someone should tackle-- i bought some pills at costco yesterday- a 6 week supply-- all fit in a 1"x2" tall bottle -- tiny things-- and the trash created filled a scrapbasket--

i was annoyed-- but someone else will have to tackle that one.

speaking of costco... as i sat there waiting for meg to bring the van someone went by

and in passing said "i am glad you found your long underwear"

it terrifies me to think how many people read this-- people i don't even know. it started as an email written to our volunteers-- and mentally i still am aiming it at them--

where all these other folk came from i do not know.


becky#3 did a fine j\ob with the pups overnight-- actually i don't know what she did- but they are all alive,clean, and content... that is called a good job.

sna stanley endured the nuppies for bedfellows on the sofa.


something is happening this morning.

i can not rememeber what--

- and the phone just rang albert is on his way-

funny how that happens-- someone somewhere is trying to keep me going straight,

so that will be this mornings's event..


i got a pack of ribbons to tie over the chickens- i have no idea if it will work... i know hawks do not fly where anything could touch their wings-- so it\f these will just blow a little... ..

well they will look more cheerful than garbage bags blowing in the breezes.