Thursday, April 25, 2013

APRIL 25,2013
not only was shelia a huge help yesterday, she wrote 1/2 todays DDd for me

history if case--her husband has 2 new knees and went to work yesterday for ? the second time....after a long recoup...

so shelia responded to my call for help...

and we had a busy day...

her description.......

I walked in the door tonight at 745pm
And I announce to my husband, what's for supper??
He says, so didn't make anything?
I say no, got an email from Carlene this morning asking for help so I went at 9 to help for a few hours
A few hours he says?
Well, when I walked in Tracey and Carlene were studying puke so I joined in that discussion
Studying puke, he says?
Yes I say
Then She asked me to spoon fed the pimentos in the nutt house and to show them how to crawl in and out the dog door
Spoon feeding pimentos he says?
Yes, they are dogs I say
Then I took Murphy, Mariah and Magnus for leash walks
They are dogs he says?
Yes they are nuppies I say
Then We loaded up the van and took Carlene, Bailey, Casper, Harry Potter and their people to the mall for observation, then we all went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch
With 3 dogs he says??
Yes, I say
Got back to the farm and dropped everyone off at the house and I went to park the van and head home
But I realize Carlene's doggie bag is there
I go back to the house to put it away and Mary= the donkey- hits my arm and I drop the to go bags
I pick them up and walk in the house to find Opal on the couch bleeding with Carlene, Tracey and Megan
I offer to drive Opal to the vet, off we go, Vet has to knock her out to stitch up her foot
Carlene and I sit on the floor in the vets office to hold Opal until she wakes up
Sat on the floor he says?
Yes long story I say
Opal wakes up and we go back to the farm
And then you head home, he says?
Nope, I figured I might as well do a puke check on Ginger
No puke, I'm leaving

Then I remember I have my doggie bag from Cheesecake Factory and I said to him, hey you can finish my salad there's your supper!
So I go open the's not my salad, it's your pasta dish! So blame Mary for that one! Enjoy my salad.

After I finished telling him my story I realize how ridiculous the whole thing sounds,

typical day I'd say!

that was about it.-- i only have a few comments to add...

the puke check turned up -after extensive inspection and tactile observation.. grapes

so i emalied a few people that had been here since Monday and got a response from bob saying the dogs had got into the trash on Monday which involved grapes

 so i marked that puke problem as solved.

opal's foot-- same injury as willow's a week ago-- after being in the "A" field...( about 4 or 5 acres with stream etc..) after moaning about trying to find a sharp rock in a stream... being the math type and having studied statistics.... the probability of 2 dogs hittin the same rock in the muddy stream was unlikely--- so i started with where do they put their feet? and took a look at the gate to "A" which they jump on whe we go to let them out... and BINGO 2 huge nails sticking out right where they would paw the gate. i can not immagine who would pound in those 2 nails and leave 2" of nail sticking out but -- i am willing to bet that is the problem.

 so bud fixed that and we should have a walk around..

to be a successful farmer/animal manager you must have superb powers of observation...

i have not been outside enough...


the pimentos in the nutt house-- have by all appearences so far been very happy there- maria checked them every hour or so overnight and they are sound asleep.. we will bring them in for breakfast-- but they seem to love it out there.

 next problem is -- can i get the camera out there??


it may involve unplugging it- and plugging it back in so i will do that when explore tech is up and around ( noonish)


i am glad i got opal's foot stitched-- i have a rule-- if it is spurting we go to the vet-otherwise we deal... this was not an artery-- but a good size vein running blood...

i hate to think of the week's vet bills..- i think that week was more than last year...



jade will be here about 10:30 with some dog related problem-- she is recovering from back surg- and her dog is not responding to her new way of walking- keeps want ting to revert to the old way.

 and dr apt at 1:30

other than that --

should be normal (see above)