Thursday, June 6, 2013

JUNE 6,  2013

wow this is the 7th person to ask this...

this time i will type it and copy to the blog with hopes everyone is answered. sounds like someone is unhappy ---- tho you have every right to ask----- so let me answer and then please pass this around so i don't have to type it again...

the payrol is $3000 per week which is 150,000 per year- the exact amt of the annenberg foundation grant .. before we had that- and for incidentials or overages--- my donation is from 30,000 to 50,000-/per year. this is all covered on our 990 irs form which is published somewhere.

on top of that this entire place 12 acres/buildings and equipment i rent to sdp for $1 per year.

the highest paid contractor is the veterinarian who charges us a minimum for services.

the employees are megan -- theresa--maria-- tracy with 7 overnighters at random and a few teenagers as feed help.

the chicken money from you all goes to food, utilities, things like that. all those $10 bricks are absolutely critical to our success .

and the fun money has gone for a slightly bigger tipi than i would have brought otherwise--i doubled the $2500 you all sent and paid for benjjnim and the 600 to truck him here from tenn

and that is about it up to date. ALL INCOME EXPENSES ARE KEPT ON QUICKEN

the irs 990 has exact figures and is public info somewhere.


  1. Thanks Carlene. Instead of 7 people, sometimes I wonder if it isn't 1 person getting 7 different login IDs. We used to call them trolls in the old days :)

    1. @nubchai... still called trolls, but we CP's try to ignore them lol

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