Friday, July 19, 2013

JULY 19, 2013

paula just suggested i tell everyone what a fantastic job she , maria and giules re doing.. and altho maria and jules aren't up yet-- they will be and have put in a huge effort covering the place while we are shorthnded.

 so i did that

i have been up since 4am because he cameras aare out.. i jumped out of bed thinking it was just ours-- and how could i push buttons in the barn without the dogs barking-- when becky discovered most of explore is out. so i emailed tim- and will just wait til something else happens.

becky - wandering around the internet found something about ustream cleaning it's teeth this morning-- so that could be the problem-- go ahead all of you and research that one and let me know.

this &%*(* book - there is no such thing as done. stuff happens so fast around here that there is a story a minute-- so i put a bunch together and have shut the folder steph said she is coming here to play with pups-- so i am going to saddle her with a quick edit.... ( she is an editor... or something like that..... apparently she can spell too.)

janine did ask me to do a quick story about the job with ducks that could not swim with goldie hawn..- the call was for brown ducks-- and ron ( son in law) found some in some farmer's yard- and took them to ?plymouth.. where he sat all day waiting to film the ducks- somehow goldie hawn and a badmitton net were in the story too. 4:30 the director called for the ducks to be put in the pond... and ron carefully lifted 2 then 2 more.and picked up the next 2 when someone screamed the first 4 were drownding.-- so there was a great deal of confusion as people jumped in the pond to save the ducks.-- turns out.. these ducks had not ever been in w ater and had not preaned thiere feathers??? ... so i was any rate-- they were the sinking ducks.. he collected them and went back the next day with another bunch that we had first tested in the bath tub.-


it is suupposd to be &(*_* hot-- i would lve to try and get the first 3 poles up.. early so we can look at it and figure out where we can put it... i am ready-- the 3 are tied together... but they are 27 feet long... it will need some engineering ..


all dogs are have air conditioning thanks to a bunch of people-- so they go out for a runaround- then back in to cool off..


it has been determined pi will not nurse her pups in any kind of damp bedding-- she is ripping it up as i sit here-- so i better go tend to that

cn't do much else today anyway

just keep the lid on the place will be an acheivment.

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