Monday, August 5, 2013

AUGUST 5, 2013
re: THE SHATUPON SOCIETY---- i forgot to post #91--- yesterdays new member of the shatupon society-- it was #91-- which was shelia cranney who was there---who made all the proper noises---she can hardly wait to hang her certificate on her office wall.

( she was the one who did the tipi video)

 we had a bunch of people here yesterday-- at one point i counted 29 cars

many with families with kids... so i am sure there was over 100 people..

bud managed to get the corn cooked over the outdoor is lovely have ing so many stainless steel buckets-- we just scrubbed up a few for corn management.. it was goooooo d.

 we had to move the fireplace with the tractor to get the activity on camera. and the granite benches that were to go to our pet cemetary got used by the tipi and look good there... so i wll get some more for our rainbow bridge area.

. not a problem--

bless the fun fund...
megan was pretty busy dealing with noel and fido... ( remember they got into her closet and one of them consumed unknown quantity rymadyl pills--blood work is so far ok on both-- and fido seems the better of the two-- she was very groggy-- but looked better later in the day-- she is on a iv drip

megnan went home with bags of the fluid. for another night of up every 20 minutes to check on her.

she did not leave her overnight-- most vet hosspitals go home about 9 and the caged animals are alone til the staff checks in at 7..

in noel's case that would have been extra bad-- the few minutes the vet tried to leave noel in one of those cages, she managed to open it up and get loose....

the next few days of bloodwork will show what has happened inside her.

as for megan's new car-- it has now been christened with H2O2 and charchol which has been run thru noel first.

aside from a roving vomit problem with the 8 pups... all else seems fine

wretching and cured are ethyl wicked fine now and maroon is miserable trying to vomit every 10 minutes for an hour now.

they really need worming today-- that could be the pro;bem-- the also could have eaten a few rocks yesterday while out p[laying in "V".
i think we need a new rule too--

only staff may pick up the pups..

for 2 days now i have thought it a bit excessive. unless you have had lessons from me -- hand on chest and behind rump lifting slowly and steadily--- they are beginning to come when called-- so soon we can have megan marches and they won't need to be picked up as much...

there were soooo mny people here yesterday-- and they were all in with the project of the day is topups...

order proper shelving for the overflow room and the front porch

the porch is slanted to drain because mary got on there once ntore the porch away from the house-- about 2inches..

 the is not conducive to being waterproof-- but when it is not, it will drain rapidly-- all i have to do is drill one hole in the proper place and all should be fine.

teh overflow rm....hopefully move my computer in there-- i have a huge problem when under stress to produce some computer generated document and have it mal function while people are asking me what should be perfectly normal questions... causes me too much frustration-- even the red light over head is inadequate..

 if i can put this fool machine in the overflow room and shut the door-- then no one will have to listen to me talk to it.

thinking back sundays where the numbers wouldn't print-- or the names left off the numbers purchased.. or get it working and run out of ink...

i printed yesterdays chicken stuff 3 days ahead-- and was much more relaxed.--- i can do that when it is sold out.


at least maroon has been sleeping quietly for the past 30 minutes...


one other small note--- we have repacked the wee wee pads into plastic storage boxes... it struck me-- why should we give them publicity if they have not donated those boxes....

thanks to the fun jug----ULINE CATAlog here i come--