Monday, October 28, 2013

oct 28,2013

"i would like to adopt a deaf dog-- after 40 decades of being married to the same man, i qualify"

gave me a chuckle !!!

the donkey--- molly is her name so far...  is paid for and one paper signed-- we still have to fill out an application  but she is ready to go. we can figure out who and how today-- dunkirk maryland

looking forward to molly's arrival ( also got to get lincoln out of here first... quarentenen type stuff..). this groups of horses all in the same pens  is like sending your kid to kindergarden-- they bring home  everything.  snotty noses are th e favorite with kids or horses.and the thanksgiving hunt approaches.... there is no way you can hide a snotty nose  even if you wanted tto.

on i go working on the explore reports... it is coming together .. at least in my head.
and i was delighted to have found an extension cord in my room so i could have a heated blanket..-- winter is coming.. the fireplace is lovely....  i have been found asleep in front of it several times alredy..
mark and his camera is a dangerous thing.
speaking of warm-- we had a very enjoyable session in the tipi yesterday-- we sent the spirit sticks into the breezes- which made it so comfortaqble therre that we deicided maybe that should be the alternative stewing place... -- it was comfortable-- and ther were alot of tree stumps as chairs...-- all the spirit sticks were ceremoniously torched... with the exception of teh $2 cube--- so consider .
 your spirits lifted
scarlott is getting bored with these pups...  she will feed them on her terms ( spotless bedding)
we have dog shifting today-- there are several applicants coming for us totry and figure out-

hunter is doing wonderfully-- so good that his doctor cried when she saw him work with the dog.--
- now she should stop being the dog  her name is wendy.

Hello Carlene,
  This coming February will make 2 years that Manny & I became partners! Manny was about 18 months old at the time if I'm not mistaken, Manny was the only service dog available. The fact remains, it didn't matter if there were hundreds available, the articulate partnering that the SDP was aware and able to pair us together was NOT short of, life saving to me. Having both physical & emotional disabilities one might ask, " How could they possibly prepare and train the dog for it?" I can only personally answer that it's magic! As Manny and I have ventured into the world our lives have never been the same. Living with Manny is like living with a celebrity I'm thinking. As soon as we leave the house for a walk in the neighborhood or a swim (he swims with his coat on in the cold water!) in the pond all I can hear is " Hi, Manny"! From elderly having a biscuit or children/parents standing in amazement! It's not only the large dignified breed but the comments I receive about how well behaved he is, how well he walks, minds his business, gets along with all animals & people. Manny and I have had some sticking points in the last 2 years but WE have learned to be patient with each other & work it out! Manny has such great foundational training from the SDP, I only refresh the same basic commands as well as the daily new things he has learned & helped me with. The one thing all the dogs have in common is that they have truly been loved by the SDP since before they each were born! I would like to add that being a woman in my 50's, subjected to profound trauma, never owning a large breed dog before & being smaller in stature has made absolutely no difficulty in handling Manny whether it's work or play. It's work & responsibility but the unconditional love help and support I receive from Manny has altered my quality of life!

Manny & Maureen


  1. Maureen and Manny, the perfect couple! Thank you so much for sharing their story, it's truly inspiring. And proves that your project is a total success! Thanks to all at SDP for doing such a wonderful job.

  2. I also enjoyed the comment from the woman who wants to adopt a deaf dog. I too have been married for over 40 years and probably qualify!