Wednesday, October 30, 2013

OCT 30, 2013
got to declare a day off i guess...  ordinarily by the time i am up and dressed enough strange things have happened so writing the dd is no problem

 however-- today i have been at accounting problems- and if anything can erase creativity it is accounting..

scheduled today

shelia and colleen are leaving at 10:30 to go get molly ( the new donkey) in maryland
i suggested they set the go pro camera on the dashboard- but that suggestion was not happily recieved.

and we are due to take dogs to brooksby about noon

odd thing to report... paul wanted a black broom -- so i ordered one-- but had to buy a dozen-- so we now have a dozen black stiff corn brooms

wasn't that interesting???

that is what numbers can do to you.

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  1. don't worry carlene, I still laughed out loud!