Thursday, November 28, 2013

just got power back after 2 hours... so am sending this  as is... 

9 new babies all doing well  - mom is still sleeping off the effort but is returning to her usual self-  thanks to earlene and paul's attention..   

we have a bunch of people coming for the day/dinner--   and to help  so we should have enough puppy help--  

the thanksgiving hunt will be going off as usual last i talked to ann( lives across the street from the start at appleton farms.... highland ave /goodxxxxxx street probably ipswich  for you gp types)
i am 1/2 hoping janine does not go-- with yesterday's rain  and last night's frost-- they could have a crust  on the surface which could raise heck with a horse's shins as they sink thru the crust and move forward.  it will be the first time she has missed it in very many years... if she does go  she should just ride around a little then come home and not gallop 20 miles  over fences.

factual info for the day..
fedex does not have all the drop spots they once had..

in my animal episodes days ( before emailing  photos) i had to take polaroids and fedex pictures to ad agencies in nyc-- or wherever... and it was always last minute.. so i knew the  fedex box in topsfield got picked up at 6pm  and if i missed that i had to go to peabody-- rt 1 north by the huge radio tower-- if i didn't get there by 8pm  i had to go to the airport where they took packages til after 10 and could still get them in chicago by 9am  --- having taken them to memphis on the way..
now there was no   drop box in topsfield-- and jon ( of the annenberg grant office) needed signed papers quickly--  so maria droe me to the peabody fedex office.-- and the papers will be in la on friday morning  ( we had to get them in by dec 1st,.)

in the great turn of this wheel- there will be m ore cameras  action...-- we are trying to figure out how to have me do an active q & a session  nd have  sound for the young pups and mail call.  they are expirementing with a deal which is over your head as you make coffee..  so do not curse at the coffee pot.

there were 2400  cp's watching the birthing...  some of them new-- so i have put up the new chicken board to try and capture a new audience.

true to form we re getting suggestions  for puppy names-

may i remind you that the first person to see a pup-- or any part of a pup gets to decide on the name-- so mostly that would be earlene
out of a huge email list... i kind of liked  tizzy and fracus for the harls and maybe buppies  for the litter??  her last were chuppies..

and have we  recieved healthy food-- 2 eatible arraingement--- jars of popcorn and nuts-- all kinds of healthy stuff--- no whoopie pies here,... plus we 
************buppies... tizzy fracus
Dear Carlene and SDP family, 

Happy Thankgiving from Hunter and Wendy!  I am thankful  for Wendy  because she 
helps me walk and  get up when  I fall.    When I  take Wendy for walks  I walk 
a mile  I do hills and uneven ground. I  want to thank you for training Wendy  
and  sharing  her with me. See you soon! 

Hunter and Wendy
P.s I asked Santa to get Wendy  some stuff for Christmas!

We are so grateful for everyone at SDP and the wonderful work you do! Although 
Hunter and Wendy are still a work in progress, we have seen a difference in 
Hunter since working with Wendy. We also have people just coming up to us to say 
how much taller Hunter stands since being with Wendy. They make quite a pair and 
with both being young, they are both still learning, but we are seeing progress 
every week.  The bond is definitely strong even though they are not going to 
school together yet. Wendy is so excited to see Hunter walk through the door, so 
many wiggles and smiles! We know they still have a lot of work to do, but are so 
excited for Hunter and Wendy's adventures to come, as they grow up together! 
This Thanksgiving, we are especially thankful for you, Carlene, for the amazing 
program you have and for every one of the people that touch each one of your 
amazing dogs lives. Since Hunter has been born, we have been have 
him survive......for his diagnosis of only cerebral palsy, considering how 
premature he was.....his amazing smile and determination that has got him to 
where he where we found your unique and incredible project...and of 
course his Wendy, who we all adore! So thank you from the bottom of our hearts 
for the amazing gift you gave our son.

We wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving and will see you soon!
Andy & Kelly (aka Hunter's parents)


  1. That letter from Hunter and Wendy, and their 'mom' made my Thanksgiving.
    Thanks to you Carlene for sharing it and for all you do for so many. You are a blessing! As is all you staff and volunteers! Thank you all for being!

  2. What a beautiful letter and what a lovely way to start this day of giving thanks for so many blessings.

    Thank you for all you do for so many people and for sharing it with us. I'm sure that you and your exceptional team are inspiring people in ways that you cannot imagine. Happy Thanksgiving and God bless.