Tuesday, December 10, 2013

dec 10, 2013

nothing like haveing a couple pups in the house....   they go from explode to crash in an amazinc cycle...  i am hoping opal will adopt them... she is fascinated by them-- and they are tough gals... ariot already has a chewed upon ear. 

barbara sent me this  -- on deaf dogs-- http://www.deafdogs.org/faq/   
it seems pretty factual--

it has quite a bit to say about strange eyes-- not blind-- but not normal either-- and i cn see that in htese two.. they can see fine  but ariot's pupils are a little  off center..

 the only part i am not sure of is that george says it is all or nothing-- per ear-- there is no such thing as partial--- this article  refers to partial.. george could be refering to geneetic deafness and the article may be considering any cause..-- like age.. ( me)

i still am not sure if ariot is deaf-- or he does not hear enough to understand what it is about...  like maybe one ear so he has no directional??  they are an interesting ... and darn cute.. study.

so with the half full or half empty question... so far breeding bentley to harl or merle has got us  16 possible service dogs  and 3 fabulous pets... maybe that is my troika for the next calendar????

i cough-.... big time cough.....- not for the usual reasons-- so dr mudge has ordered a barium swallow this morning- i am sure you all needed to know that..

what you need to know is.. i am npo after mignight--i.e.  no coffee

now that is a problem affecting my alert function..

we got a letter for david-- and i did not notice til i had opened it---  so we need to figure out how to get mail to him-- he is getting his mail at some va facility --- with wa whole bunch of numbers-- you know the va....  
the place in bedford set the stage for my opinion  of the va... i stopped at the gate to get some information - and they sent me to   "information is at building 61"  about 2 miles down the road-- not at the gate where one might expect people to be asking for information...
meanwhile shelia is on a microphone search-- look out explore we might really screw up this feed---
and people are sending us packages to hold til tuesday's mail call...  we can do just so much of that-- storage round here is t a premium...
and i must go find more marbles--- i am sorry to say i seem to have permanently lost my other bunch.
it is not simple-- the cord i have is for a specific diameter marble-- so i will have o take my calibrater..

my kingdom for a cuppa coffee