Thursday, December 12, 2013

dec 12,2013
some of  the best things in life are still free--- like the tiny little screw that attaches my ear to my eyeglasses...thus improving the problem i  was having with tripple vision.. 
 this ghost of 37 boxford rd did not see fit to return the screw for a second time...-- so costco fixed it..

a camera person was quick to point out that after tuesdays mail call, it was evident there were quite a few loose screws at sdp.

and the whale of a party the cp's are providing in jan at caletri's.... i had no idea what could be in  that envelope i was not to open til tuesday mail call.. what a  great idea. and a terriffic surprize--  jan 11th --- so far everyone is coming....  how can we film it  ?live?? so everyone can be there in spirit???   maybe we need a spirit basket again? 

on the topic of mail call-- and  aquiring sound..... most are really looking forward to it... several have  worried that it might  upset the  spontinunity ( i wish this machine would stop trying to correct that word-- i like it.) ---  to worry about the spontinunity...  implies things might be  written and rehearsed.... let me assure you   you could not make this stuff up-- and rehearsal is just not in our language.

.  so it will be "que sera, sera" 

see -- i can even mispell in spanish

i took 4 years of spanish  and  there is one story  worth remembering..

"a man goes into a clothing store and wants to buy some socks-- he speaks spanish-- the clerk does not.
  after about 10 minutes of wild hand movements- the clerk finally pulls out a pair of socks..
 and the man says "esso si que es"
and the clerk says  " why didn't you tell me you could spell it"

4 years of public education on  taxpayers money  and that is it..
at least it is a fair decent  joke... no?
that along with 4 years of college which  only taught me what a deadline was.... i am a little down on the typical education process in this country....(  TED  ken robertson)
back to the important things..

like 2 white pups going out to pee....-- i di d manage to get them up and out for a peeing party-- they were soo pleased with themselves...   opal was the baby sitter.

i have tossed the gauntlet to the surrounding population...    being blessed with 3 nearly white pups, i think we-- as a group-- ought to be able to produce a troika to pull that little wagon-- boy ... what that would do for the deaf awareness project... there is a famous painting  "the pharoh's horses"-- which is 3 white horses-- we could do that with dogs...-- perfectly good goal...

i used to go to beverly school for the deaf and talk( with interperter) about how pandymonium had a great job in the movies because she was so well "schooled" in spite of her deafness.
first challange with the troika would be-- if they are deaf-- and out in front of you .... how do you steer?  rigging lines will be a challlange.

when i drove the 8 donkeys, i had 8 lines--  4 and 4---- which was fine til my nose itched
oh... i got my cough report--- turns out it is basically megasophagus-- like deagle -- inefficient swallowing-- but i love the doctor's recommendation--- walking around eating klondike bars is far healthier than lying in bed drinking  chicken soup..

barking barking barking grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr