Sunday, December 15, 2013

dec 15 2013

no daily doggie in blizzards..  i have been plowing 4 hours so far,,,

bless the cut and pastez

Hi Charlene and SDP, Yesterday my mom, Mia and I went to pet smart. I used the shopping cart like Maria said to. Mia was perfect. I know I said she was perfect before but not like this. She would start to get a little ahead of me and all I had to say is back up and she did. 
I dont even have to stop she just backed up and kept walking. I've learned to walk tall and not to make eye contact with anyone. If they say she's beautiful I just say thank you and keep walking. I have also grown eyes in the back of my head again, the same ones I had when my kids were little. I heard a couple of kids ( late teens early twentys ) say look at that dog and heard feet coming closer. I glanced over my shoulder and said Please leave her alone she's working and kept going. Mia never had a chance to get distracked and kept moving. Then Mia started getting nervous and turning around so I took Maria's advice and looked for the source and low and behold here comes a horse (a very large untrained great dane and its owner ) heading straight for us. Again cocked my head and said she's working please stay away. Turned and walked on as the woman said sorry. I said thank you, patted Mia on the head told her she was fine and kept going. As we were leaving one of the pet smart ladies said I had a VERY WELL BEHAVED DOG. with a big smile I told her she was very well trained. Thank you all.  I love her. Michelle aka Shelly and Mia


Hi Carlene,

We wanted to give you an update on Lola. Today we did some Christmas shopping. 
We shopped for over 4 hours in the crowded malls. People everywhere, tiny isles 
in the stores, things making all kinds if noises and she was beyond wonderful! 

We were walking along and a woman walked up and asked if Lola was from SDP, we 
said yes and she told us her company had given you a grant (we didn't ask from 
where). She said it was wonderful to see one of the dogs in action. 

We are getting used to people being surprised to see a dog in certain places, 
and commenting on how big she is and how beautiful she is. People always smile 
and have so many questions. Today it was also a learning experience for a young 
boy. We were walking in a store and a boy around 8 saw us rounding the corner 
and got a bit nervous. We assured him Lola was not going to hurt him. He 
followed us with his mom for a few isles then cautiously came up to Michelle and 
asked why she had a dog in the store and why Lola had the vest on. Michelle 
explained that she has a hard time walking and that Lola helps her, and the vest 
lets people know that Lola has a very important job. A few minutes later we were 
in line and he walked by with his mom and another boy. He leans over to the 
other boy and says "See that dog over there. She helps her mom walk. She's the 
coolest dog I've ever met". I have to say I agree with him ;)

Happy Holidays!!
The Schiavone's


  1. That little boy's observation brought tears to my eyes.
    Thank you so much for sharing the SDP grads field experiences. It is wonderful to hear how well they do and how appreciated they are.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours......

    1. I keep a box of tissue handy when I read those "cut an paste" testimonials! It too makes my heart so glad I tear up :)

  2. Me too!!! Loved that comment from the little boy! Kids say the most amazing things! :-)


  4. At least I'm not the only one! :)