Monday, December 2, 2013

DEC 2 2013
whata stew that was... !!!  and we did not freeze..  we had more food than we ever had and 99% of it is not in my frig  today... leaving me to compalin about having to go to the t tent fridge to get a snack-- that 's ok... if they had put it in here i would not have dared eat it...

this system will be fine as soon as i have a nice heated tractor to run back and forth--
  currently -- it has developed a leak of hydralic fluid-- so mbtractor is coming to pick it up today

makes me wonder about the $430 fee to prep the thing out of the box from wherever..
just put it together and let the cusomer find the problems.

sort of like the apple/microsoft companies who sell software and let the poor purchaser debug it for them.

the chicken  shat on schedule---  luckily i did not need the  scraper to determine the winner-- because no one seemd to know here one was located...    but it was definite  783
we do have a big plastic tub of required equipment--   with scales... papercups... toilet paper==--scrapers would think we could land that tub within 6 feet of the table.. but it does not seem to work that way.

santa arrived-- what a character he is...   he was a few minutes late because he stopped to get his hat on at the boat ramp and ended up entertaining 3 familys who were there wih kids....  then he came in and as he pulled down to the t tent his jeep ( license  st nick) swung left  nearly into the fence because he wanted to shake hands with dolores ( the mannequin) ----  he then took all kinds of time with all the kids who were here.  and at one point sat on a sofa with a few kids and hunter's dog wendy-- and read a story  to them..

granted he adds the red suit-- but all the rest-- fuzzy white hair/beard.. eyeglasses- are 100% real... and what a personality !  perfect for the job..

as the stew wond down  the party  moved to the room with chaos-- and became a room full of choas friends--  as she still is not taking kindly to everyone... 

we weighed the pups- and there are no disasters, but a few could stand help pushing the fatsos out of the  milk bar.

i will try and start goats milk today  it is a mixed bag... if i fill them up-- then they won't nurse as much--- so i will try and add  after they ahve nursed...
david and dustin  went on a stroll thru the woods  with paul and nother-david--- they were gone quite a while--- i was worried-- ther are 2000 acres at least-- and i have been seriously lost out  there on a horse...  trying to figure  the north side of trees has the green fuz  kind of lost.  i thought the horse would take me home.. that was not the case....  there are alot of trees out there-- and.....esquerers???? those  extremely steep ridges left by glaciers-- where yu really can only ride alont the tops of them

any rate they got back-- and were joined by  veteran  steve and charlie ( charlie being one of our dogs too)
being a veteran can put you in a very difficult situation.. and t helps to have several get together... they speak the same language..

 the calendars and books are flyng out of here---

thereswa we must send one to t he weathervane people with a note about the dec photo....
many people suggested i have a second book- of just daily doggies like the  arguement with the refrigerator... everyone thought that ws sooooo funny-- which is the amusing part---  there are so many  things around here that we consider normal-- that "normal people" consider hilarious.

now that is funny.