Monday, December 23, 2013

DEC 23,2013

you are all used to the stool report.. well today the stool report is perfect poo's only..  i am happy to give  the vomit report   the pup who had the milk out of nose has had no recurrence.. in the past 48 hours...  could be it was a  random happening... 

i wish we had better records of past litters and the weights...   we did weigh them but did a poor job of recording  dates s we can not compare progress.. instinctly i think this litter is a bit  slower  than in past ... with the exception of fatso...  today we will worm and get the vitamin pills going-  they are all eating well.. they are almost 4 weeks old--- 

now as for chaos...   she has one or two people she just does not like... yesterday it was annie... and i found it necessary to stop her at one point  by bonking her on top of her head with an empty water bottle-.... on camera.... shocking the camera people....   it had the exact  reaction i was after--  stop look listen to me.-- so after that all i have to do is to crinkle the bottle and she pulls full attention...  however i did it on camera.. so alt of people were shocked to see  i hit a dog.  there are times  when if they ask for it -- they should get it... 

and you shouldn't hit to hurt--   you should hit to startle  them -- they do not like surprises.. my action with chaos was carefully calculated--   she has been getting worse in her opinions--  she had lunged in annie's direction once already  yesterday so when annie came in, chaos gave that intense focus that preceeds a jump.... i was ready  and gave her a good bonk on the head with the  plastic bottle  with an abrupt "leave it"    she  did not see it coming.... then i made her lie flat-- and she tried again to glare  at annie-- all i had to do was crinkle that bottle  one little crinkle and she looked away immediately

she has never caused blood with her " mouthing " people... but she has been getting more and more decisive....  and "please don't do that "  was not working..  now a crinkle of a water bottle and she is under perfect control.  she is the one dog on the property  that  has this problem-- i attribute it to her permissive parents .. earlene and paul just love her too much..   

i really believe "if you don't discipline your child the world will"         ------ same with dogs...

i have to respect a dog opinion... but not a bite... 
an old story i have told at legnth
basically -- tiffany-- perfect dog--  even better than bailey--- 100,000's  of people patted her  at boston events  harborfests etc..
but one  little 12 year old girl  at the pru tower  --- tiffany  fortunately came to me growling and looking at her--- wanted to kill her... i hung on and got thru that...   tiff went back to being perfect--- next year --same kid-- same reaction.... i have no idea why... nice little girl as far as i could tell..

and then there is george--  i am sure if he was  on the farm and i was not aware of it -- bailey would find and bite him.   she can spot h im from a long distance...  he did insult her when she was a pup  saying she was " the ugliest great dane puppy i have ever seen"  which i keep kidding  him about...  but biting him is no joke-- she is serious-- and you all have seen how i trust her the rest of the time....

 but i watch her.. 

well chaos just had to have  a lesson in tooth management.

meanwhile boo's hat is still on her head-- today we will try and bring ariot back in with her... that is goingto require intesne supervision for a minute or two... maybe a whiffle ball treatment .. ariot is not all sweet and lovely...-- and she is bright...


we had a great meal thanks to iheart ( cp from hawaii)   she sent a full meall--  actully we ate 1/2 what she sent- and still havae another meal inthe freezer.
speaking of meals-- remember the cp's  are treating us ( all the volunteers) to a dinner party jan 11th at caletri's    get in touch with mark or theresa with your rsvp's  

no cut and paste

i found my client's  tail-- animalepisodes jobs we did... i will try and copy it here.

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  1. Most of the time 'non verbal' communication with dogs and horse is what is effective in letting them know the rules of interaction with humans. An empty water bottle is a great tool for that! It doesn't hurt, but sure gets attention, which is what you want.