Sunday, December 29, 2013

DEC 29,2013
good start to the day…   2 dogs over the nightime barrier---( not a very substantial one  just loose fencing to encourage nightime peeing without wandering  )  and this computer has decided i am not carlene-- and it will not tell me just who it thinks i am.

so the day is starting in a lively fashion…

we have had dash in the house for some lifetime experiences-- like getting bitten by bailey for getting too close to bailey's sofa--  bailey is on  a bit of a tear-- she let boo have it too for upsetting her at 3am… so there was a very loud complaint by boo causing me to fly out of bed-- as best as a 76 year old flys… for fear it involved boo's ears-- happily not-- just small hole in her face..  
house rule-- no spurting, no george (vet)

actually that holds   true for people too…… i can not tell  you how many times i have seen tom… in his office-- with a straight face  say to a patient…. " we better wash that up and put a bandaid on it".. -- or alternately "we better wash that up and let the air get at it"  depending on what kind of day he was having…

my point being there is alot to be said for cleanliness and mommy nature..

his cure all in  any ailment pertaining to my health was " if you'd loose 20 pounds you probably wouldn't have that problem" -- he would give me that response  even if i complained of athlete's foot .    since there was not a chance in he!! i would loose 20 pounds , he was off th e  hook.
so much for married life.
on to a serious logic problem of the day

there was a loud noise-- the kind that is made by .plate glass rupturing… person #1 was at the sink  person #2 was sitting at the table.  i was dealing with feeding pups.. so i asked  both people to go and check the 2 glass doors onto the deck-  person 1 left and was gone for a while-- cam back and said "i checked the doors and all the windows and they are fine"    person 2 got up from the table and looked out the window and reported "i didn't see anything wrong."  my point being that response does not contribute to solving the problem.
a person with no sight at all could give that response.

there is a big jump in reliability there-- sdp is fortunate to have a bunch of regulars of the type 1--  and to shape up the rest of the crowd.. i am on a campaign of "that does not answer the question"  -- it is sloppy thinking...

i am on alot of campaigns… fortunatly i forget most of them… but be prepared for the "that does not answer my question" comment.
checking the tops of the stumps in the yard because th e  ups guy once left pkgs there… is another detail of sdp living.. 
  there are 3 deliveryies almost every day  the uspo brings mail and the  overload of catalogs one gets-- fedex brings the  delivery sensitive type stuff and ups brings the bulk…  problem is we have asked ups to try and get here before 5pm so we can have them for  the ( sometimes comical) mail call at 5pm…  we have had 800 to 1200 viewers waiting to see what happens next at mail call…  sometimes it is worth the wait.. other times no…..…
dinner last night with jackie/shelia and brian-- last time jackie was here we needed the guest house  so she stayed in  shelia's  guest house...but in an entire week of living there she never met  brian. we had a nice dinner-- many laughs
laughing is very good..
brian said there is a person i should meet who runs a farm in iowa-- it wins the yearly award for the most corn grown per acre---- it is a very efficient pig farm-- run by 3 people he equated  the operation to ordering a truck part  at 2pm tuesday and having it  on his desk 9 am wednesday.

this is sunday-- i am told--  we are down two… maria is ailing-- and so is paul-- t is going round… belly ache with added attractions.

i am pleased with all the new chicken brick buyers-- lots of new names…. and we have only 185 to be sold out… 

now if only one of our females would come in heat we could try and stay on schedule

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