Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DEC 3, 2013

when i decided to get into serious dog training, i never thought it would involve monkey fists and chicken sh#t-- which is where i am today..

sales have been terriffic-- so i need to produce 4 monkey fists per hour today just to fill the latest orders... seeing as they take  me about 5-6 minutes,   it is not a terrible burden--
perfect sit in front of the fire type work...

beats the  %^*()*(()*&^%$%   out of dong tax forms...  which is my other option.

worry of the day--- whit is not gaining weight-- so we are concentrating on some bottle goats milk to hopefully help

while i do the monkey fists.... i highly suggest you all listen to the 20 minute TED  lecture  done my mike row--- of dirty jobs.

those TED lectures are terriffic... my other favorite is on creativity by ken robertson.. but this on  work  is super also

so go listen to that

you will hAve to google it   TED TALKS  MIKE ROWE  

well worth the  20 minutes...

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  1. So glad you mentioned the Mike Rowe lecture...it was great!