Saturday, December 7, 2013

dec 7, 2013

there is entirely too much about this computer i do not know...and it all is beginning to back up on me...

simple things.. like new mail when i read it it somegimes becomes old mail  and sometimes does not.--  so when i am looking for something  my stash of new mail is so huge i can not find anything.

i better not get into trying to listen to show music on pandora because it is just too frustrating-- 

knowing that it would be possible makes me miserable
 because i sit here and try all the logic i once knew  when computers did what you asked them to do in black and white   and not what someone else thought you might like.... in technicolot

and it is not just  the apple-- it is true wit all the computerized crap i run into-- give me the old toggle light  switch-- on/off

and not-----
" did you want the light  50% or 75% off  every day at this time-- or just alternate thursdays when i start your coffee pot."

and while you re at it- put the fool switches  on the front of the mchine

case in point... the tv in the puppy room-- i have not been able to watch it for 4? months now--- because it is stuck on "whisper"  and i can not increase the volume..
 i am told i have to use the volume switch on the tv-- which is accessible only by standing on the back of the sofa, holding a mirror in one hand  while trying to figure out which of the 63 buttons back there operates the volume. 

and no one else can fix it for me right now because chaos  would not like  people crawling around in the vicinity of her pups.

i would love  to go out and buy myself a radio so i could listen to music,, but i know it will come with a book 134 pages long on how to turn it on 
.. and i can not read that stuff.
but  the little pups ar getting rounder by the minute...   the 3 small ones are finally gaining--- thanks to the goats milk in addition to moving the bully's off the milk bar...

ken (vet )  is here in the guest house--   so far so good..  he speaks "dog"  quite well..

my big decision of yesterday is to install another electric gate by delores...  this would give us another"option " for turnout...  plus when sitting in the t tent-- i really do not like the enthusiasm with which bentley welcomes guests  that have parked "up top"..  with that gate the people would get within whiffle bat range
for the welcome process.

-- megan let the donkey's out yesterday ad they blended quite well with opal and bailey-- the body language was fascinating to watch...  the bigger donkey ( lately called tangerene)  let opal get close- then chased her-- she ducked her tail and ran-- that was the correct response..  thereafter if she got clse, the donkey would ever so slightly turn her head and opal would turn away.

the donkey then tried to move toward bailey- and bailey left the area... conversation complete there.

that is 2 dogs trained..   i i sat in  the tractor  (aka my heated golf cart)..
explore is experimenting with showing the 3 cameras at once-- as you may have noticed...  there is huge discussion about a bunch of things i do not understand-- like the cost of bandwidths?????  some people are afraid it will cost more to watch now.???

the debate about sound and a question/answer session after mail call has come up again  with  "the explore group" courtney,jonathon and tim.
and -- celebrate-- annie is now allowed to pic up and wizz a pup with chaos permission...

i must do the bottle game--- later today it can be earlene and paul's job-- i think they will be here...