Friday, January 10, 2014

 jan 10,2014

now we have a real problem... ariot knocked over the camera.. and the lens broke off--   it is now taped on - and not really in focus--- not bad-- but not perfect either...

i will contact explore--  the whole story..

this particular camera was purchased with fun funds from ebay  just before chaos gave birth-- because we were having some issue with the other camera-- i have forgotten..   but there was something..   and it needed to be we plugged in this identical make/model camera-- and have been using this for about 2 months... 
i think i sent back the other camera to tim-- maybe that is now repaired and we could swap???

in the meantime  the lens is literally taped to the camera-- making the focus slightly out of whack-- the camera people are aware of it and are quick to explain it to any newcommer----  one has even suggested using more fun fund money to get another...  which i don't think we need to do-- but hold that thought.

in this great turn  around  in the camera dept-- dealing with the camera bunch,  i will  try and figure out the sound--- and the placement of the t tent camera in the arena...
this morning i have 2 interviews--- one is the local high school--  bunch of kids needing to have their jprozopns ex[panded
and someone with daughter wh o is into writing and needs material-- so janine sent her  here.
and overnight had to leave at 5  so i am on til rescued....

i am busy today

re mail call tomorrow... there may not be one because you all are taking us to dinner-- 

 i suppose we could move mail call to sunday  if it looks like we have a bunch of stuff...

to be decided...

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