Wednesday, January 15, 2014

jan 15 2014
we are saved.. noel is in heat !!  praises be !!!

now we can skip moriah for another 6 months anyway... somewhere in here there is an arguement that nature provides for her to be pregnant at a year old.. -- she is not that cute little puppy anymore .  she is a 120 pound dog with bones in her  front legs like telephone poles.  luna had pups before she was a year old-- thanks to a nasty accident-   and went on to have 4 more litters before she retired-- and is now a perfectly sound 10 year old-- walking the nahant beach area with sunday sandy and doing a little therapy work besides.  she is bailey's sister.

i have to remembr we  have  so many new cp's---i have to remind abput details sometimes.

now the problem will be bentley-- who's last litter with her is wonderful-- moriah-murphy- magnus
or do we  try and see if yellow has figured out the process yet...
technically l like yellow's shape  a little better-- - and he is a merle-- noel is black- so we should be ok... it is a crap shoot... if i strike out for the slightly better conformaion  i could  have 8 green pups with two heads and everyone would come  with 20- 20  hindsight..    there really ws nothing wrong with bentley's bunch....  we are getting alot of those --- and walter has not really started yet.-  he has the two  gals lined  up for him -- opal and moriah...  now to get him lined up.....

i have a project  i wish someone would tackle---
dog food.   i would like a spread sheet with the brands of dog food  and their first 6 ingredients 

 purina  chow    kirkland     pedigree    chicken soup
chicken by products     2              1               3              
beet pulp     4              5                                   4
corn      1              2               1                  3
things like that

i think it would be very interesting... and help to make decisions
i know corn has such  bad rep  and i am not sure it is not just the adverrtising that has us trained to  think that way.
dog food is a religion to some--- i have heard some  "diets" that i wonder if i shouldnt maybe get those folks to invest in our  puppy breath company. 
dogs seem to live on raw chicken necks-- but if we fed that we would have 60 volunteers wiht salmonella from bacteria laden counter tops.-- and the stench of the few that fell behind the trash can...  yuck..... there is a reason we cook our food.
on the topic of food...  and strange phone calls--  i had a call  from a very pleasent woman  in iowa who had one of the strangest  offers  i have heard of.
she wanted to donate to us 14 tons of bread making flour...  i  could not hang up on her..
turns out... the company she works for  in iowa  has a railroad car full of the stuff that was refused by the baking company in boston.. so her boss told her to call some animal people in mass.. and see if she could get rid of it.  i think she found us thru janinie's hope for horses.  

i don't turn down many offers of free stuff--  but can't you see bread rising  and spilling out the windows..
i sent her to the colby family in the newburyport area-- they have a dairy and pigs-
today's schedule?
maybe praying for a new camera from fedex -

keep in mind once we have it   there is still a whole bunch of getting it to talk to california so they can mix the sound and put it out  on the internet..
it is not easy
but we are ready

and the t tent camera is un attached and in the feed room awaiting it's new h ome in the arena
we have had the offer of a range rover---  got to get that letter off today telling them how little we spend on overhead.  it has been  some company car... our durango is very tired.

shelia and i went  roving looking for new calendar locations-- and ended up at ann getchells- the winthrop property has alot of old stonework-- walls, cabins... barns   and old trees  .. i bet william would love--  as a matter of fact he may have already shot some commercials there  years ago... it  is a great place for that kind of thing.
bentley  ----yesterday he was on puppy hill--- and he wanted to get in the flat field... i swear he llooked over his shoulder before standing on his hind legs and flipping eht latch on the gate-- and then looked over his shoulder again before walking thru the gate...  tracy has it on her phone... i will try and get it.

and so it goes


  1. I use Flint River Ranch Original Adult/Puppy Formula - Chicken Meal, Ground Whole Brown Rice, Wheat Flour, Ground Whole Rice, Chicken Fat (Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols)

    Here's a link to dog food advisor that lists the first ingredients and evaluates and rates the food:

  2. Check the percentage of proteïnes as well. Too high levels give hyper-active dogs..