Thursday, January 23, 2014

jan 23 2014
big news from explore   ...

Equipment is on the way to replace the indoor cam and get the Arena camera going.  Let me know when you receive them and I'll get things setup on my end.
 that will be the next fun project
well-- apparently the furnace in  the barn/kennel is nearing completion-- now that will be another huge worry off my platter... with the automatic starting  generator  and a proper furnace we can relax a tiny bit.
the beautiful heated cab-tractor carries laundry and trash hither and  yon
so life is beautiful- thanks to all the people and donations-- our life is easier so hopefully we can make some other people's life easier...- and apparently we have a couple dogs moving toward graduation-- now is the time for us to sit with the applicant file and see if we can figure out who would be best served by  the dogs  now in line..

i know we have 2 challenges to meet-- a  tall large veteran and a tiny girl  ..  i am told we have an applicant weighing 47 pounds...- she will need an opal size dog.  she beats jocelyn ...aka 57... because she weighs 57 pounds....
now for the reproductive report...  
if it was to be about yellow-- there would be no report..-- i do not understand-- never seen this-- noel is very cooperative...and he gets up on the couch to look at what is going on in the yard...
we will give him one more chance today to be sole father of noel's litter... but bentley and noel's last 3 were perfectly good...i can not take any chance on yellow... so --- here we go again---- we will breed bentley and noel--- and still give yellow the opportunity to figure it out... so we may have 2 fathers with one litter...

most akc breeders would be groaning by now-- and telling me how i am very bad-- and i should not do this--how will i know who the father is for the akc papers?   well i don't register them -- which is another fact that makes our operation different than the usual akc breeder....  i have enough papers to go back and register all the parents/grandparents/ and great grandparents-- ll it would take is about a week's effort and a bunch of money for late fees...  which woudl get us no where... except we would have a piece of paper saying  the pup is a great dane.  

so just look-- and save the money

plus i should remind everyone we do not sell dogs/pups   they are either donated to people who need a service dog-- or given to  a volunteer as a fabulous failure---  if i could find  the short heavier boned  dane in the general population of rescue dogs-- we could try those... but we have gone that route and had only one success out of 7 rescues..  that is why we breed our own

  bentley and yellow are both nearly perfect dogs... for our purposes  ---they are brothers--- and the offspring last time  magnus.. moriah.. and murphy are solid no  nonsense dogs... 
the other facet is that we will not know if yellow finally connects... because we are tired of watching--- and once we have bred to bentley to assure pups, it really doesn't matter if yellow  connects or not.  it will make for an interesting guessing game--if bentley is true to form i would bet no longer than 30 seconds for him to achieve a "tie" as it is called in polite society.---- behind the scenes it is called a danm peculiar episode.  i do not know what mommy nature  had in mind when she designed this performance.
on we go..
it is 4 degrees outside -- of course---i can not tell you how many times i bless the furnaces that keep us warm...  but true to form  i worry... so they-- the normal world-- are delivering 2 cords of wood today ... just in case....
the fireplace is lovely and charming... but the wood stove in the kitchen is even more charming if we need it--  we can make  coffee on the wood stove.

clearing off the top of it may be another set of problems-- but knowing it is there is reassuring.

i like warm-- and the older i get the more i like it.
mail call yesterday was unusual-- the mail which is usually  delivered at 2:30  came  after 5pm...  i guess the pony threw a shoe..
the critical part is getting to be---  there are some very inexpensive envelopes being sold-- that do not survive the mechanical processing of the mail--  yesterday alone we had one envelope which was just the front-- the entire back and contents were gone.  the postal dept carefully delivered it in a plastic sleeve.  there was a second one with the end torn off and contents exposed...

with all these envelopes containing the one dollar for th e retreat raffle  you should get a better envelope-- the ones  not making the trip are very light weight...
and things like that.

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