Wednesday, January 29, 2014

jan 29,2014
i have been getting my desk shoveled off..

much shifting around of dogs/pups  and getting down on paper what the plans are..

we (actually ...i...) planned to be done with the chaos/jasper litter by dec 31,2013.. and that is about how that has happened  5 service, one therapy and 2 pets

next is the pims -- looking like 8 serv dogs 2 pets  winston is in south hampton with long time my dane owners...  berry is with betsy's ( scarlott) sister .. rest  coming along nicely

then merpins 1 breeding..1 pet and 5  in  sd training 
all of those working by the next retreat???

then the scuppies-- who are lookng good at the moment  betsy gets one  lynn has blue and i have the frecklebutt twins... leaving 7 in training 

that is the year  2014   .. if they all...... that would be 20 dogs.. so see  mother nature put us slightly behind schedule by not have  a  new litter right now...-  

can't win them all

this chaotics litter would be for the start of 2015. 

and then there is the accounting...    i had to get the quicken to match the bank deposits-- it was not easy... and quicken had it's own ideas.. but i battered thru  and the 2 accounts are now off by$4  which is because i did  not include the decimal.. as soon as i get it on that balance sheet i will publish it .. and do that 990fu.. 
bud 1 got the arena camera plugged in  so maybe we can solve that today ( tim .. still not out of africa ) but i will  email jon today.... in california...                                                                                                                                                                
tuesday mail call celebrated the chinese new yeqr-- the year of the horse.... we are getting alot of retreat envelopes and not as many boxes.. 
they tell me i need to redo the wish list--

thanks to the chicken bricks nearly sold out, i am going to try and order a pallet of canned food-- chicken soup stuff.  we nevr seem to have enough.

and then there is the 2 classrooms with the kids and the decorated poo cardboards...  i lost trck  but asked theresa that we send them calendars--- and now i get an envelope with $25 asking about calendars for the group.. there are times when i miss just making a phone call.. with all the names, and email addresses  i  can not keep it straight.  somebody's name is dawn

nodding off... i need more coffee


  1. I would LOVE to see a picture of Blue and see how he's doing. Who is Betsy taking?

  2. Reno Kids Looking Forward To Seeing Calendar :) Thank You So Much!

    1. ps the $25 is to help with shipping cost :)