Tuesday, January 7, 2014

jan 7 2014
there are 2 letters on my desk for everyone to read... janine analyzing our operation and suggesting new ideas and cures for old ones...  the other is a letter of thanks from ankle annie-- thanking us !!!!  immagine that---- annie thanking us --- when she comes in and quietly solves one problem after another..... no fuss... done...

 the latest being  the pepto bismol caper... she was on overnight and  i had eaten some combination of chinese food and seafood chowder that was not setting too well --- so i wandered intot he kitchen looking for the pink pepto pills that are usually there-- all there was was the liquid  which we gve to the dogs on occasion... being the only thing.. i had to use thiers-- annie quite rightly said some should be in the first aid kits--- those 2 pills per packet kind of thing--  long ago we did have a "lil drugstore"  uint in the rest room in the laundry-- but as the motrin went-- then the alkaseltzer left -- i could not find the refills and we  had none...  but annie has found them  and is rejuvenating the pill  department with those 2 pills per packet..

next project is to try and teach riot what certain noises mean if she can indeed hear them--   i am going to fool with the dropping of  treats into a metal dish--- which  is the noise that teaches them to use the yuppy puppy----  minus that noise, it will be difficult to teach that-- and it is impossible to teach anything with the 2 of them together... so that is another lesson to do.

you will note both these trainng lessons are in the comfort of the office area-- by the fireplace-- because it is equally  impossible to teach anything if i am cold... period !-- 

so i will be turning the camera to the riot lessons at about 9:00  after 8:30 feeding on puppy hill...  p[er janine's suggestions-- that we include more training-- it won't be easy because so much of my tining is on the  inpulse-- 30 second lessons here and there.. but i will try and get more comera oriented...    

mind you, i think dogs learn in 5 second intervals--- do somethign and let them think about it.   riot has sitting down pat... i think... 
if you have all watched the  required  movie  miracle worker about helen  keller and  her  suddenly realizing the hand movements of  her teacher meant "water"   i am using that "sit" wit riot  purely for that reason...to start her thinking "she is trying to communicate with me"  a lesson bailey knows very well-- because when you come right down to show ring obedience-- bailey knows nothing-- except she will fry and figure  out what she has  to do to get "paid".

speaking of that  i was delighted that some cp noticed we were out of bailey's favorite treat for bringing the basket of mail  for mail call.

3 days ago she set the basket at my feet, took one look at the treat i had- we were out of her favorite-- she picked up the basket and went off with it  put her foot in the basket spilling the letters- it was pretty funny.. but she was talking to us..  she wanted her usuall pay check.... and thank heavens some cp  noticed and sent us a case for her.  
 i could put a collar and leash on her and go thru alot of the show obedience routine which she would do--- maybe a  little slower than some snappy jack russel--  but  she would be going on current information-- not hours of practice walking  in circles...
i took one of my dogs-- pipi---  to a neighborhood dog training club once on agility  mainly because they had all the  equipment-- and we did fine-- til she came in heat-- and i couldn't take her-- so i substituted "purple" ( yes.. a merle..)  who continued with the exercises about as well as pipi who had gone for weeks... little hesitation on the balance see saw  - other than that -- good.

a good base in generic training is critical-- like the "water" in the movie  -- you open the door-- and the rest is easy.

well... sometimes easy

i am glad we have bailey's favorite freats again... she is not a trick dog under some command--  she will  work  and demands a paycheck.

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