Friday, January 31, 2014


i started this to help a few people, and play with my dogs in a tax deductable fashion.

it has gone way out of that frame...  mind you ... i love what has developed-- a bizzare group which is producing good dogs in a clubhouse  atmosphere ---with food !!

sometimes the place is a madhouse-- but look back over the past year and think what we have accomplished.. most of the time it is fun-  there have been many really good  laughs....- other times we just need  to grin and bear it.

i was warned by the ADI  person  who did our accreditation( shelia obrien  who started neads in west boylston  mass)
she said i could choose to  stay the same size-- supporting it on a sparse budget-- or we could grow- and the money would come...  lots of it.     i opted to grow... and money is more plentiful .  

what she did not tell me  was that the money comes at a price-  time--  when was the last time i had  the time to play/ train  with my dogs?  i now have 2 nearly wild frecklebutts reminding me.

there are so many intricate dealings that i end up spending nearly all my waking hours on a computer  which i am forced to try and figure out.. and i am very frustrated.  

perfect example ---
 i am trying to get the balance sheet together so i can do the 990... and i needed to subtract  expenses from  earnings    -- a simple   10 -4=6 kind of thing.. this machine does not accept a minus sign.. theresa found that she put  in a formula of positions and it worked...  S23-R17=P47 which is painful even with 2 numbers-- with a column of 20 it is impossible.  i struggled with that concept for hours trying to get  the numbers in the correct place on our existing bal sheet from the old computer.  hours into it.. a bolt of lightning-- i tried putting the negatives in (parenthesis) this caused the computer to put in a minus sign which worked.

computers in general-- and this mac  specifically  -  have so many quirks like that making it tremendously powerful at some point-- but the question remains  ... What is wrong with letting the operator put in their own minus sign. ?  i wish the genius who designed these things would remember the simple folk like me who were going to need it to do simple things... and then branch out from there.....they have branches on invisible trees ..

i have computer things i must get done.... but  by the time i get done what i must do-- i am exhausted and the day is shot- making me irritable more often than acceptable . i have a red light but i don't even know where the switch is in all these wires.

i hope to organize volunteers to be puppy/house/phone   volunteers so i can get out...maria was/is  working on that ...... 

now to see if there is any left over chinese food for  breakfast...

i did get the new chicken board up at 2am  and there are already some bricks covered !!