Monday, January 13, 2014

today is the day to conquer  the constipated closet   ---i have started the   "if i have not worn it in a year-- then someone else needs it more than i do..."  except for maybe my favorite black jacket which has been lost for  year.
if i have  need for more than 4 shirts it only means i have not done the laundry. .. i wear the same thing so i need 4 sets ---- one in the wash, one n the dryer, one on and one to cover any slight disruption in the sequence..

my sister... who is like earlene--perfectly coiffed- made the statement once about buying a new coat so she had to go home and throw one out so she would have room.. 
that is  wrong...... but so is my constipated closet --- kitty said she would take this stuff to some place that needs it-- so i have now started a kitty pile on the front porch--  2 bags full so far... and  the day is not over yet.

i also found some of my clothing which is suitable only for tuesday's  mailcall

i suppose in the  family clothing discussion i should include janine-- who will go buy a cocktail dress for $4 at goodwill industries, have it cleaned for  $10 , wear  it to some fancy " Hunt Ball"  then take it to some high priced  consignment shop and sell it for $15..   don't laugh--- that outfit she is wearing on the cover of the calendar was 45 minutes from a second hand store she frequents-- and she loooks perfect.... having had kitty hand tailor it with duct tape and huge horse blanket safety pins... but it looks goooood
boy can i start a monday morning with all sorts of declartions---- like new years eve resolutions...
they  often drift sideways---

i should feed the house dogs--- bailey, bentley,opal,mariah  boo and ariot ( so who's counting??)oh  chaos too???
to that end it is my goal to find 7 costco white buckets of my very own--- we once were the proud owners of about 170 white buckets before i stopped collecting them at costco..   they are bakery buckets that had icing in them.  
so that wil  mean either a trip to the laundry storage room-- or costco-- i can not believe we are out of buckets.

besides there will be an extensive training process to get them all to eat politely  which  could be amusing to the  cp's.. -- got to schedule it    like 9:15am   so all other feeding is done.

bentley has definite feelings about his food dish which i find annoying--- ... he needs to accept the command "knock it off" 
i will not employ the whiffle bat-- it would be too unwieldy - i would not be able to apply it fast enough-- a water whiffle  bottle  could be applied more accurately --- plan ahead...

we had a bunch of  newcomers at sunday stew...  we were in the guest house-- which got packed-- we need to spill into the training room a little quicker-- we almost stewed outside-- except the wind blew us away.... literally.  between  the open fire and those overhead gas heaters  we can sometimes do the cold... but the wind ..... is another matter.
mark is scanning  all those "because" letters into his computer   before he pputs them in the guest house..

and i am told  tina is gathering info about how did you find sdp???  that should be interesting...

all the kids in reno and colorado who "saved thier allwance"  and sent t he $1 to us... i was told they were  buying a brick with the extra funds... i thought we could send them a shatupon society certificate... but then i thought of all thse 8 year olds going home and proudly saying "i am now a member of the shatupon society"   
might not have the desired effect.  i may have to redesign the certificate..
maybe we can send them a calendar... 
we do have calendars--- we have made a profit on them-- but we have a couple boxes i did not realize were calendars.. 
if any of you would like some to distribute  some to anyone you think might donate money to us  - or  to some nursing home etc...that needs one ---let me know and send the addresses-  they are such a thing of beauty--- each picture could be framed.
and lastly-- i am now inthe jewelery design business--- betsy turned all my 1/2" monkey fists into jewelery-- and came bck and said ".. smaller???"  so with my tweezers i have made 2 even smaller-- which she will  turn into sterling silver ear rings... etc... 
for mothers day--
i didn't  know there was one.
on we go

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