Thursday, February 13, 2014

feb 13,2014
i couldn't think of anything to put in this    dd-- so i opened the "business mail" from yesterday

the IRS never fails to amuse....  what used to be 1 page from my accountant... is now 6 pages.... so i started in--here is one....

#6  the standard deduction for business use of your car  is 56.5 cents per mile... to drive to get medical care or to move is 24 cents a mile --- charity driving is 14 cents a mile..
one wonders why the difference?  and how long did they argue about if it should be 56.5  or 55.5  and what did tht debate cost the taxpayer compared to the amt taken in.. by that penny.
i was promised snow at 7am... and  i can't conclude someone was wrong-- because good ole mommy nature may have just decided to show who has the upper hand... now apply that ot the fact that we are  told we will get 12"-- 
now the accreditaion  progress  report 
i got out the old-- with shelia ( o'brein')'s conclusiions-- she was our inspector..... she made note that we must have those glowing in the dark  fire extinguisher signs right over each fire extinguiser-- and everything else  was  fine-- dogs well tiraned... kennel properly maintined...  but i needed those signs.. i looked in uline-- my usual place to buy that kind of stuff the fool things are  over $10 each--- 

it is my policy to have a fire extinguisher at the exit from every building-- because it seems to me that if there is a fire.. somehow a doorway willl be involved--- either running out away from... or running into to figure out what...  certainly it makes no sense to me to put it next to the wood stove-- as in all probability that could be the source.. also as  you come and go-- you get to look at the dial to see if it is still  working .. and even before she came here i had one beside most doors..... at my eye level... which does not leave room to put a sign up that says here is......

 i also pointed  out they are bright red. ---- she said to put up the signs... so i did buy one or two  while knowing full well she had told me to put a sign on every.....  and then i forgot... until i picked up that accredtation  report.

now i am stuck and have to order more  signs... with a great deal of effort i found which has some plastic stick on-s for $2. 

so now the dilemma is... the units are inside the rooms--- it might make sense to put a sign on the outside the door that says there s a fire ext inside-- but the do not make those signs--  and to put the legal down arrow  would not be correct and might leave someone scrounging around the floor outside looking for an ext beneath the sign.  or do i move them all outside-- knee high-- so i can put the 18 x 4" sign over each one--- and have no one get to look at the expiration bit???

and that is only the beginning of this chore of renewing our accreditation...  

this will be painful..