Thursday, February 27, 2014

feb 27, 2014
it always helps to start the day with typing in my name and having the computer say "i don't think so"

for those who have said they would like to hear the little darlings bark, i have the urge to turn on th e mic... because nutmeg is telling us all kinds of things-- but i am afraid if i turn it on it could be a big surprise to any of you who have the computer in "rest" mode.
health update..
we took boo to the vet's-- she has one squinty eye which i know george fears... -- the decision was maybe lyme... because megan remembered last week she had a  little limp..
lyme is certainly a nasty problem-- i was not aware blindness could be one of them- 
so boo is now on a bunch of things-- eye drops and doxy etc-- that would be a different challenge ---one deaf- the other blind----  snap the two  harness together and we will be all set . deaf leading the blind.
one spay.. one neutered and on we go... this maroon is a nice big dog...  needs some more miles so he can understand what is happening...  bud 1 seemed to do well with havoc yesterday in costco... maybe we could convince h im to wander around with maroon.  when he gets back from ski mobiling. 
julie and i managed to "do" brooksby village yesterday-- it certainly is something those people look forward to---and we should continue-- problem is i don;t do the long walk that it is.. there are ?7 huge buildings all connected with hampster "habitrails" no two on the same level-- so somebody else is going to have to do that  gig    walking is not in my job description..
the yuppy puppy is a wonderful thing if you can deal with it with only  one dog--- otherwise it can be a fight in the making.  and it needs split second timing...
my big fun chore of the day is to dye the hanging ropes purple --- i had extra rope from the huge monkeyfist.. and the hangers need tydying up.. they are very handy  and everyone uses them even if they aren't handicaped--  the ropes get that "used" look and can stand some chlorox bathing.  
and i have a special request at mail call-- to show how one of you cp's folded the grocery bgs around the  cardboard which makes them super handy

it is a little like a training collar and leash--- rarely do we ever need scoopers and no bag, so pairing them up in spare time makes sense.  
with the training collar i was putting a snap at the end of the leash before i realized it was the waste of a snap
and then there is the drawing for the flight to the retreat next fall..  i think we are to do that ?? next tuesday?   that rotating barrel is almost full-- well... nearly...  it is certainly solid cardboards.. which aftet the draw  we can use for scoopers !!!
explore crew is working on the picture quality  and sound etc  they include me on their emails  so at least  i know they are doing something... i could not tell you what-- they speak a different language of letters.. not words...  like   ...the MOXIR should TRQN  but it must be SIV..
other than that ... a normal day

maybe just maybe i can go buy purple dye in my purple car-- and take maroon with me

( we already had a dog named purple--- marvelous dog so retired the name-- as a tiny pup she was one of the first big commercials i did-- she as a pup the size of a football had to run about 200 ' across boston commons dragging a leash... she did it perfectly -- i had mom and her siblings at the finish...  and i made the leashout of a ribbon so it would float as she ran)  it was on during a superbowl....  good dog purple.


  1. I'd love to see the commercial Purple did. Do you remember the approximate year and/or theme and/or company?

  2. I was going to ask the same thing. Maybe we can find it on YouTube.