Wednesday, February 5, 2014

feb 5 2014
i got up this morning hoping to start plowing in my heated cab--- and no  snow yet.  but it looks promising.

last night's mail call was colorful-- as the olympic dog sled team...and the star of the show... was bailey... she had a wonderful time participating on her own-- no instructions given...  it is on our web/photos/favorite sites/SDP links and information/mail call...

it is a perfect example of an educated dog behaving within a group.  she rode in on the toboggan- on -wheels with me-- and saw all the fun happening so she did not want to get on the sofa-- she wanted to join in-- which she did  finally getting the basket and explaining it was worth  another can of  treats...

this is a dog who does not know a list of commands--- if you stuck your finger at her and said "sit" she would look at you like you were  nuts... and rightly so..  but if we were doing a commercial and i needed her to sit in a certain place, i could explain it to her- and she would do it 100% .. just like i asked her to put her rear end down on the toboggan.. .. when it started to move, she did not expect it and started to get up... all i had to do was say "stay"  and she immediately took my word for it and relaxed into position... enjoying the commotion...  then it was "how can i join in"  when she took the eraser   and then found the basket.. then as she landed it on the sofa "there - that has to be worth another can of the yummy food"
it was an educated  great dane on display...  they talk... just listen...
the huge mess of flags, dollies, dog food, packages and mail was all cleaned up  in about 20 minutes--- whata crew...
that was shelia's last tuesday for a month-- she is going to florida to buy a house... plan is for brian , shelia and the 5 dogs to drive the rv down, buy a house, brian fly back and sheila drive back.

problem is brian wants the east cast of florida-- and sheila-- th e west...-- they have 1800 odd miles to figure that out.  they thankfully can't be gone all that long.. they both have business obligations here.
i am not sure how we will survive...
i wasn't sure how we would survive without earlene at sunday stew.. but we made it-- with some difficulty.. 

we are still very short handed with maria still out 

 we could really use another trainee trainer on fri- sat-sunday.. i do not like to even think of having to  take care of all this myself.  we need some duplication--- would make life a little easier for all-- and be the critical fill in  if anyone is sick... so pretty much full day friday sat sunday added to what we now have...  we have to .. my nerves get shot.  now that we have so much of the physical plant repaired-- like dry wells and heat-- we will have to hire someone...  best case would be 7 to 7-- but 8 to 5 would work too.

and teh arena camera s functioning--i can see it on explore web - and jon said he will get it live  very soon... that will mean  it wil lfunction about the same as puppy hill... 

it also shows we have some housekeeping to do--- things like pallets etc  

i can envision a spring clean up where we  better utilize the  structural pipes in the arena to hold plastic boxes of all the  stuff we seem to need on occasion...  our overflow porch is is the oveflow room / training room  and every other  square inch..
 we need to catagorize  stuff... freezable or not would be the  first division.

and get a great big dumpster.. really big....


  1. I'd like to apply for THAT job!! I could commute from OR every could happen!!! :o)

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