Friday, February 7, 2014

February 6, 2014

maybe... just maybe... the arena camera will be live today.. i told jonathon we woudl feed in the arena at 8:30.. let us pray... it looks great... and will allow you all to see more of what goes on around here... along with  not having to feed  dogs in th e pouring rain..

and yes... now we have some cleaning up to do... it can no longer be my  overflow closet...

stats... it is 60 across and 80 long-- built by clearspan- who did a great job...  - actually the crew they sent to put it up did a terrible job-- so i took pictures of the bolts and supports and the company sent another crew from iowa who took it down and put it back up again... this time perfectly...  nice compay to deal with...

it was the building of that arena which made the town building inspector angry that i did not choose  his contractor--which caused him to say   "you are out of your league- you are only a woman"

one of those statements burned into my head.

it is wonderful to have.... the dogs can really run in it and not have to worry about  the footing of ice..
it does tend to collect large objects...  like the amish buggy .. or oversized chair  

 the push of the month--- i now have a bunch of business cards which just tell of the cameras etc - i got them for our volunteers-- and then realized all of you might want to hand some out... if you do... you will get them quicker if you send me a self addressed envelope-- so i don't have to look for envelopes and stamps-- probably take 2 stamps for a bunch of cards... i will weigh some today-- no theresa will weigh some today and let us know... i think 15 cards will need 2 stamps.

just for fun lets see if we can double the daily addicts
the boston globe photographer will be here at 10 to take pictures  both here and at the local hospital annex where we train dog about things like elevators etc...

funny story---
when i started this training, i knew of that small hospital annex-- not very busy and had all the pieces i needed ... so i walked in with a properly labeled service dog in training-- (which has pubic access as long as they behave).. the recetpionist  immediately told me i could not come in with a dog--- very innocently i told her  i just wanted to train the dog in the elevator..  
she spun around and called security "i have some nut in the lobby wanting  to train her dog in the elevator"
we have since become  good friends...

we practice falling down on the 3rd floor there... because there are not too many people -- i used to practice falling in the papergoods section of costco-- a back corner-- but it still caused too much commotion...  plus that was years ago -- now megan falls... she is younger.

for a moment...  think... you fall  and whack your head-- someone calls 911 and a bunch of  huge looking  monsters in fluffy  black coats and boots arrive  and try and bend over you-- and your 130 pound dog says "i don't think so"   --- so they have to try and be prepared for that too.
 before i was into trianing  serv dogs, i had one of my bigger dogs  --bruno --crossing eht street infront of my house  when i twisted my ankle and fell--   bruno did n't know what to do  so he opted to protect his fallen hero... me..  and stood over  me  so no one coudl get near me-- and i could'nt get up because i got to laughing -- all anyone could do was stop traffic til i crawled away...... 
so i know that kind of thing...

and then the big PIA ( pain in you know where).. 
we are accredited by assistance dog international--- and that is a good thing... the industry needs some structuring---and have standards set...--- all except i don't want to deal with having exit signs over every exit-- or the chemical contents of every chemical on the property listed in a folder.... yet along with the training of dogs, they insist i run a business in a business like fashion... 

we have to be re-accredited every 5 years...

this  is annoying...  and this is the year...2014

but it is what makes us legit 0ver the guy who hangs up a "dog trainer" sign  ..

they ( the ADI bunch) come in and talk with  our recipients, trainers..&. volunteers.  thy look under , over and behind everything...  and go thru papers.... they love paperwork...

got to describe our policy of everything..

and before they come, we have to submit a "pre packet" of all 45 pages of info... to prove we are ready for them to arrive.

now the real problem is  when i am forced to read something not particularly interesting, i tend to nod off - sound asleep

this tendency is going to make this next assignment  very legnthy.--  and it is not something  i can get someone else to do...

first thing i have to do is to read  th e  directions..."ADI minimum standards and ethics"
  uses words like "complience"  and   mandatory"

i best have at it...

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