Wednesday, March 19, 2014

mar 19 2014
happy 19th   ( for new comers i celebrate the 19th  of every month -- for everyone with something to celebrate this month thus getting that great burden out of the way) an old scottish custom-- well maybe not old-- but for gwen( a roommate from edinburgh who is a stickler for details)-- it was bill black's idea. 
works well in my case-- 
then all i need to know   is  .... it is the 19th.
 now the topic of today's daily doggie is poo picking...  or in polite
apparently...... it is getting picked-- with our super poo pickers from around the world-- with all sorts of  sagacity  written on them... not to mention the fact that they tell us which breakfast cereals are th e most popular... another bonus...
but back to th e problem

RAIN FALLS DOWN.. can't do much about that-- 
the poo pickin process is designed thusly....

cardboards are to be carried by everyone--- we are an equal opportunity poo picker-- first one to see it picks it-- if you don't have cardboard/or bags outside where often cardboard is un necessary.....  there are mailboxes all over-- on fences and trees-- which have the necessary bags...--pull them out and pick.  then tie the top and leave it where a golf cart can transport to the dumpster....  it is the tie the top   tht is not getting done

for the most part  the pick part  is getting done.... otherwise we would be knee deep....i am happy to report as the snow melts we are only ankle deep.  so pick

but the next problem is that as stuff gets picked and put in the bags which are in the white buckets.... those buckets... with their open tops  collect rain--   i know george calls this a slurry of feces... i call it  a disgusting mess.-- apparently the worst is the  collections in the kennels which don't get tied shut and placed  where someone can carry them to the dumpster.....  

the back deck is where i ran  into  the exact problem....  i can solve alot of problems   but i do not know how to transport a white bucket filled / overflowing  with "slurry" to the edge of the deck and lower it without a horrendous mess

we have plenty of bags  if we don't we will buy them.
do not try and save bags...
tie the tops and deposit them where they can be collected by the golf cart drivers...

which brings up another related topic 
rain eventually falls down---even after blowing sideways in new england-- eventually it goes down...

now about these white buckets..... and an incredible  number of objects that will hold water ( i.e.  this aforemnentioned rain....)

we have mosquitos just waiting to have sex in  the  putrid water that collects there if not disrupted by an eagle eyed  puritanical  sdp monitor- who simply tips them on their side   thus removing one more place for these lust driven bugs to collect and drink beer.

in a perfect world.... a white bucket would be lying on it's side already lined with a plastic bag...... you could pick one pile,  put it in the bag which is  in  the bucket--- tie the top.. set that next to a golf cart path-- and line  the white bucket with   the next bag-- hopefully in your pocket..  then kick the bucket on it's side.


there are different  sizes and shapes produced which may causes the process to be varied-- but the  concept is the same..

variations on this central theme--- bag tying in the house should not involve squeezing the air out of the bag--  do that outside the house...

there are soooo many things i have learned
like a shop vac can not be used to collect urine---  those hippa filters do not filter...
 so altho it sounds good  the shop  vacs just  aerate the urine..

experience comes from bad experience,
i have a dr apt this morning--- involving 128  so megan will drive-- unless shelia shows up.  i am not the greatest passenger in the world...   those 2 are at least accustomed to me...  

maybe as she drives down 128 she can teach me how to put the heat on...  i think the toyota speaks  cellcius  -- just one more detail of questionable validity.