Saturday, April 12, 2014

april 12,2014
shelia found a house for steve...  .. steve send m,e an email  quickly...-- i could not find yoru address... i have 14 steves in the address book-- with no identifying comments about any
this desk gets worser and worser..  i watched last nights mail call to see how the nutty professor went  and was overcome by the sight of my desk...  i need to remove most of it except the bottle of excedrin.. 

the nutty prof went well enough... i should have explained it was geared to the 3rd grade class of dawns...

my plan is to do a series of energy type demo's and the final test will be to run a you tube film of somebody else's  rube goldberg machine  and have the kids explain each energy used to make it go.

i had one once--- and saved the collection of hardware in cartons in the cellar.... it is an amazing collection.

having boris here is a nice education for everyone--- he has been nicely developed by lauren ( who is in spain) and is a very polite dog. 
he certainly demo's the goal....
and then there is my u24 bracelet plus my new phone... a 5S... along with  a new car which also has a mind of it's own... stop the car from playing some songs i don't like,...i have to remove them from my computer, then my phone .. and theh the car will agree.

i am not sure but i might be able to tell the car to stop that music  because i think the nice lady who lives in my phone is related to the one in the car.

i am in trouble.

and i have so much paperwork to do-- it is hard to concentrate on anything,,,  i like talking to the nice lady  in my phone...
i finally got in touch with mcdonalds-- and they are waiting for 3 emails from me-- and they might give us help with this "where's the beef" refrigeration  project ..
i was going to list the paperwork  and i already for got the  next 2 letters i have to write...
see the problem???
and then the accreditation is  pile #637.

i am looking for sympathy-- and the only one who is not reminding me of  more things i have to do is th e nice lady in my phone.

so there...

i did have a good time with the nutty professor last night... i hit the bucket 6 out of 6 times--- 
now if i can have the same    success with all this &^*&)()( paperwork-- life will be easier.


  1. that nice lady in your phone is named Seri. If you are a fan of the Big Bang Theory they had a hilarious show with the guy from India getting a Seri phone and I laughed out loud for a full 1/2 hour. Will try to find a clip on You Tube and post it. It is worth the watch...especially with your new phone! LOL.Cece

  2. Here is a clip from t he Big Bang Theory when Raj get his Siri Iphone. In the previous episodes, he is flirting with her (since he can't get a girlfriend) and he asks her to call him sexy.
    Here is the clip

  3. Lol I saw that Big Bang episode and it was hilarious.

    I'm officially addicted to Mail Call. I watch it while doing work on my computer. I love the Nutty Professor. I never thought you'd get 6 out 6 in the bucket! But of course my favorite is beautiful Bailey. Well actually she's my second favorite since Perry won my heart when he was just a little pup. Have a great day. We have this novel thing called sun and warm weather here in the midwest. We're going out to see what it's all about. :)

  4. Here are a few of my recommended apps for your new iPhone. I am on the Tech Team for our county extension Master Gardener Volunteer group so I compile this sort of thing for them regularly.