Saturday, May 10, 2014

may 10 2014
i forgot the dd

for those of you still getting older... old age is not for the meek
not only do i forget amazing things,
i now worry about forgetting  them

that is stage 2.
the camera---- i don't really know why we are changing-- i think the new one has sound, and at least the zoom can be controlled from nebraska-- or wherever..
in the process of having sound and camera in one black box with lens, i think that eliminates trying to mix the sound and picture  thus taking up less wires in this wireless nonsense.
b ut what do i know.

wireless  computing is  very much like paperless offices.
you have to make a paper copy of everything just in case
and you have to string an awful lot of wires to achieve wireless cmmunication.
in my opinion....

just to establish this camera's personality and indepenence, all of a sudden last night it went to black and white...
megan and sheila did a wonderful job in the barn with the bucket of wires and 5 pages of instructions.. 
sheila said it was too stressful..

that caused me to think...... that kind of thing is not stressful to me--- a bucket of wires 5 pages of instructions and a live tech support guy on the phone....  eventually i know i will get it right-- it may take a very long time-- but the elements  for success are there.....

as opposed to having everything on my computer getting smashed into a 3 inch square in the corner of my screen    and 6 or 8 experts standing around  saying  "i dunno" while the  wireless printer spits out 1/2 a reem of paper with a  pink "X" onto the floor.

i think they got one calendar picture done yesterday--  the details bill goes thru are amazing-- but the outcome spectacular.... as we all know..

odd idea for the day

try and uncover the very first explore camera that we considered having attached to my golf cart..- and using that  as this construction progresses...

given enough monster excavators a they can do amazing things quickly--- the back of the barn is being transformed from a topsoil producing mud pit to an orgqnized swale????  the amt of rain off that arena roof is being re thought,,  when they say there is an inch of rain..... that arena is an awful lot of inches which slide off into a gully -- which the horses then walk thru and churn up.

that is the story of the last 30 years behind this barn--- that "topsoil" goes down 3 feet...- or it used to ... now it is in a huge pile and he trucked in othr stuff..

i think the camera... if we can find it and make it work might be interesting 
tho i can not think of exactly who..

it is one of those    " it is here... let's experiment  and see where it leads"