Thursday, May 22, 2014

may 22 2014
william thinks he has 5 great calendar shots for next year... and this one was not easy-- it was to be a big dog shielding a pup from the rain--- which meant hoses. water , umbrellas. wet dogs, and water running down my back.. and i still had hot eyeballs ( a temperature)-- but with everyone pitching in we got it... anne with the dry towels, sheila with the reflector -2 hoses running plus upset wet dogs...  finally we went to bailey-- who understands a temporary situation... do whatever they say and they will then say ok and give you treats.-- she has a long history of holding a pose for a camera...

but we all got wet. so sheila did mail call and i slept.
i am slightly better today.

it is so easy to  lie in bed and think of all the things you will get done today..  but then you have to actually get going....
it would be nice to see if i can get the donkey pasture connected to the barn before we get too many flying bugs.

and the split rail fencing-- jack showed us how easy it can sometimes be by planning ahead--- until that does not work and then it needs a sawing correction...  we /you  should do an entire section of 3 rails at once...

i am slowing down already----back to bed---

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