Monday, May 26, 2014

may 26,2014
moving on......

we had a bunch of people here yesterday---  cars 3 deep--- met a few new volunteers--

this place... at times.........

bud introduced me to a new umass volunteer-- nice guy  -tall   6' 2" ish and as we were figuring out what project he could start on, i immediately thought of all that fencing that needs moving to the new area--  to be painted---it would be easily done by 2 guys-- so i joked and said we needed one more volunteer of his size and shape--- so  many mysteriously appearing things-- within 5 minutes a nearly identical guy in size and shape  came in the t tent--- veteran looking for something interesting  to do...  so the 2 of them walked all that 12' chain link  back to the new area  where we can now get it organized.

it is the  fencing paul and bud collected from a newly sold house in gloucester-- new owner did not have dogs... 
it is the lighter guage- which a dane can get thru if they really try--   but horses are not that clever..

i remember........ before the topsfeld fairgrounds had that draft horse barn, they had some temp  straight stalls made of  1x6 boards with spacing between  -- so the horses could see each other- and began bickering as only 2000 pound animals can bicker--  so i hung brown paper over the boards and they all quieted down nicely.

moving along.....
spray painting  the  "used" chain link really brightens it up- so teh plan is to  spray the pipe parts and  when it all is standing go over it with a very fuzzy roller of the same rustoleum "galvanized " paint.

i got the trial sample from our local hardware store-- and figured i wold get a bunch from home depot
except home depot does not carry it.......
lesson #47.....
you can not expect the local hardware store to stay in business with such specialized service if you get all your big purchases from  the big chains 

there s a big lesson  in vet medicine right there also.... i can not expect george to stay in business and save us in our  unplanned disasters if i buy all the medications thru petmeds online  . 

sort of the walmart theory once again.... 
and the annoying vision of the monster snow plows running up and down 95 when there is only 1/2 inch of snow...
they ain't gonna be there  when we have 3 feet of snow if they can't pay for the plows...

ruckus has gone home with her new person  larry-- he was here only a very short time-- but he lives close-- so i expect to see him back --- they are working fine together---  but there are a few details like  getting into his car/truck  proceedures i would like to address more.
 ruckus  has it sown pat--- she adores him-- and  rarely lets him out of her sight.
we went to dunkin donuts  and as she slept on the floor next to him, she put her foot on his... there was no way he was getting up without her knowing it.

we did manage to get 2 of the dogs "chipped"  -- 

the needle which plants the  small rice size bit, is not what y ou would call "small"
it is  also a lesson in how tough  is the skin on the neck of a dog.

you nearly have to hammer a nail hole first.

i did buy enough lumber to do the 4 walls of the meat shack.--  given enough vounteers enough hammers, we should have the walls up in nothing flat.  we actuall own a nail gun--- but it wold take too much time to use it especially with the 911 calls every time someone shoots themselves in the foot.

here again-- another  volume study...
same as giving enough monkeys enough typewriters and one would write the complete works of   william shakespear.

steve has planned the proper lowering of the flag to 1/2 mast til  noon.

 somehow we will find enough food to eat  for lunch--  i suppose if people don't bring enough , there is always chinese food...

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