Thursday, May 29, 2014

may 29 2014
just to follow the rules of complaining about only one ailment per day,  i did have a chest xray yesterday- and my lungs are fine-- but the doctor said i have some wildly arthritic shoulders and spine--- that was good to find out...  i never quite understood why i got stuck in the bathrobe about a month ago..

for newcommers--- i needed to go out into the office area which was full of people and quickly grabbed my bathrobe --  When i was consideraby younger-- i used to do a twist and flip and jackets etc would land where they belonged-- but his time i flipped and got stuck with my arms over my head .  
in an effort to disentangle myself  i tried to catch  it on th ehook on the bathroom door and just about hung myself there-- which would be another "hard to describe  " moment.,  i was not home alone... but if i had been, and pushed the "i have fallen and i can't get up" button, how would the emt's be able to bill that to the insurance companies-- there is no code for "attacked by bathrobe" in th ebilling systems.

i survived...

i don't know how it got to be winter again  but here we are...
new camera is spectacular- and as i get more familiar with it, i am sure we can resolve several issues--
i meant to have them put the bolster/pillow  in the corner so the pups could not get "off camera "to sleep but forgot.

today we will resolve the sound issue-
wiring has  the simple notation of male/female to describe ends of wires... and at the moment i have a female female situation  to try and hook up the mic... it may mean a trip to best buy for a 59 cent male male  whatever,

thus endith the lesson for the day..
and since modern medicine has me breathing better maybe if the frost clears i can get at the meat shed again...

all of a sudden it will be 102 degreees  in the shade
we are a stones throw  from the chicken brick board being sold out again...  bless you all...
 since you did that- there is no doubt that we will try and breed merlow to walter

i say  --- try---- again we have so many newcommers who do not know the history.....--- we did try and breed walter to opal about 2 months ago
opal is a lovely gal-- not too tall-- very pleasent  and cooperative--
 walter is the tall  attractive foreigner( from denmark) and a bit young...
the geometry  was difficult-- a more experienced bentley would have managed --- but opal is bentley's sister... that left megan maria and i  in the laundry room with coffee cups, rubber gloves , some siphon hose, and insemination "straws"
it was a very trying episode to say the least..
and she did not become pregnant.

megan thinks walter has matured and will have no trouble- merlow  will be here friday. 

at best dog reproduction is a most pequiliar performance
i do not know what the good Lord had in mind when she designed this.
however "natural covers" rarely fail.
i can not say the same for coffee cups and straws.

now for cut and paste---

Mia had another great visit at the rehab/nursing home today. Mom is all the way down the hall so Mia visits with the people on the way.  After we settle in to visit mom the assistant director came in to visit Mia along with the regular CNA's and nurses. Had to go to the nurses station and we were greeted by a woman who asked if Mia would come to the activity room and visit the residence. She thought Mia was a therapy dog. I explained to her that she was my service dog and that we would visit but it was up to Mia if she wanted to be petted or not. We stood in the middle of the room and everyone smiled and talked to her. Mia did go over to one lady for a nose rub. She has learned how to pass wheelchairs, walkers, and people in a crowded hall way with ease and still helps me at the same time.  Thank you for my beautiful Mia. Michelle aka Shelly and Mia

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  1. I enjoyed your remark about the mating mechanics of dogs. I used to say something similar -- 'if the good lord had wanted me to sing in church, she would have given me a better voice.'