Saturday, May 3, 2014

may 3 2014
it looks like 11  beautiful nursing pups don't know the sex of each.... it was a long day for tracy (horse tracy --- not costco tracy who is around here)   i kept hearing male harl-- so i know there are a bunch of those...
--the 12th   doa-- it happens --- as you all know by now-----you all have come such a long way in being involved in this process-- to loose one out of 12 is not unusual..

 2 years ago i would have  had 2 days worth of "what if... " and "why didn't...."  i remember the person who read the riot act to us and blamed a stillborn on the fact we used our cell phones in the room-- causing someone else to comment "that is because you didn't wash the phones first"..

so life is alot different now... no more calls at 2am about a bird in the barn. 
i don't mean to be unkind  but now if  you all question something and discuss it between a bunch of you-- and decide to call,  i pay attention and get up---(and send someone else to the barn to check)
speaking of the barn

as of tuesday a massive mess will start happening...
 you may only be able to see the process-- but the goal is to turn 2 horse stalls into 6  more dog "stalls"  which does not sound like much except in the process because of the massive run-off of water from the arena roof, we have to change the  flow so the water will then go in the direction of the flat field and not toward the t tent.

the camera in the arena may be able to see a piece of equipment  dealing with  the level of the floor--  the various trucks etc will (probably ) be labeled 

you will be able to see the pad being poured for the freezer and meat cutting department... that will be down by the  laundry  building where we usually park the horse trailer...

and then there is the hay loft-- being redone --  into another  semi warm- play area/ craft shop for grace to store delores outfits...

2 sides of the barn have been power washed in prep for the purple.... but need to dry out

we are getting dressed up -- and about time too--- 
i have located the necessary rails for the fencing  as soon as i get a count on the number we need, i will get a stack delivered...
there will be plenty to do...--rail replacement is really a 2 person  per rail job...  they aint light.
and if that is not enough-- i had an email from janine-- she is bringing lincoln( her big black horse) home-- and somehow there is another horse i never heard of before who will be arriving also.. probably a rescue-- that she swears is  a quiet horse ayone can ride- so we would have a "guest horse"
what she means is she might be able to loan it to someone who wants to hunt with myopia hunt club-- but does not ride very well.  this is what crosby was---  A loaner.
sheila is down to plan C  since her husband fell and broke his knee..  i have offered her the guest house-- we have an ability  to keep  quite a number of "guests"  warm --dry-- and fed..
my only other news is-- i bought a new back brace---  in the form of too tight blue jeans...-- i know this to be works better than  any other i have had...

tomorrow is shat upon sunday---it is supposed to be a nice day.

if we have a crowd maybe we can do a shoulder to shoulder policing of the flat field prior to  having the mower sling the rocks  hither and yon.


  1. Carlene..I use a motorcycle kidney belt for my back and it offers a god deal of support and relief with the other dis overt that too tight of jeans might give you! Lol

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