Wednesday, May 7, 2014

may 7, 2014

i don't know who to thank for the super anonymous  donation -- i had already  gone ahead with several "improvements" we really need--   knowing we could squeek thru with careful planning... but this donation makes me alot less worried about finances...

to be exact--- here is the budget of late....
 the major construction which with all the foundations and dry wells will be 40k
chain link-- materials only 6k  
-beef project freezer/cutting room  10k  
fence repair --materials only  $4k
hay loft without home depot... materials only  --$4k
if we can get all that done by  the retreat camera people-- we will really look super.

we can start all those things-- and can peg along... but i hope if/when the cp's come they can finish up whatever
plug in a $4k  weekly payroll
about $6k expected vet bills for spay and neuter.
on the topic of  camera people coming to visit/stay/help...  we di d just have a request-- i wish i could say "yes"  but it involved having to go pick someone up at the airport etc-- and  we just can not.  we are a very busy place-- and to try and schedule a "quick trip" to the airport is out of the question...  there are times we might be able to do that--- but generic answer is no... you must be self sufficient.
and please read the comments of folk who have been here--- this is a lively place-- at times stressed--- and we certainly appreciate all the help we can get... and if you get here to help and break a leg ( as did happen with ginger)  we can certainly deal--- but let there be no mistake  you are here to participate-- and that means work.

i would like everyong to be reminded-- these maill calls are all done cold spite of what they look like.
i had a very enjoyable mall call last night---  for all the times sheila has dolled me up in some outrageous outfit---- i got paid back yesterday as we wedged her into a barrel--- to point out that she is still without a proper house---- it got even better as she tried to sit on a stool and the stool got wedged between her and the barrell... we don't practice these things ahead of time... we are too busy-- but we are getting very good at dealing with the unexpected  live/online.... as tracy crawled around on her hands and knees trying to dislodge the stool.

i am left with one more thing to hang from the rafters.... the barrell.

thus illustrating why we need to clean upp the hay loft and get the craft's department  storage properly set up.   that is a nice barrell-- 

i actually had one like it before-- maybe i still have it-- it was from some movie set i was on-- can't rememeber which one--  some actor wore it-- with leather straps over his shoulders--- but they were going to throw it out-- so i grabbed it---- i think it got crushed when teh arena fell in the blizzard... 

at any rate i now have another-- and i am sure you will see it again...
 time to drink the coffee-- and go see if bulldozers have arrived... the dogs are barking at something.