Wednesday, June 25, 2014

june 25,2014
chain link will dominate my day... well maybe.... 
all that chain link that paul and bud picked up in gloucester-- that stood around for about a year-- looking old and tired and rusty..  now has a new job  -- and the part that i tested with new paint does not look too bad-- it is defining the 2 horse turnouts  -
i love  chain link--- it is so adaptable--- currently it is all tied together with hay string... but i do have proper clamps somewhere...

and the next bunch of heavy duty lifters  that show up can go ahead and put up the outside kennels...
and maybe get the dog pen out of the chicken coop

we need to wait  on the inside kennel fence for the fancy floor that david is putting down..
we need to be a bit more conscious of the "after feeding/mail call time......  i have tried to have coverage from 7 to 7-  but without much thought, after mail call people drift down to the t tent-- leaving me at my desk minding pups---i can in an emergency, but i am not on the schedule as puppy watcher... and contrary to  popular belief sometimes in the late afternoon i do have to think--

i am not exactly sure what my job description is--- i guess  filler inner   and idea getter.

the pokerchips have passed inspection--- i did get a email from courtney-- i did not hear from jon hice...

 the casual mention of needing a bird house .. has...typically got -- delightfully---well out of hand-  it has turned mail call into an oooooo ahhhhhhhh christmas morn concept every day.. we are amassing the most amazing collection of bird houses..-- now i need to do alot  of research--- or someone needs to.... like  the ones with a 1.5 in hole are for xxxx birds and should be hung  x feet off the ground in the sun/shade...???? please go to it... 

all i have is the trees... and an awful lot of poles 10 feet apart--- but i don't have  the knowledge to deal correctly-- so have at it ---you cp'ers...  and some are sooooo fancy  that i am not sure they might have to be put in the arena-- or barn-- inside..????
the other wildlife which is back in full force -- are the chipmunks-- there is one who gets the corn from the chickens pen-- fills both cheeks-- then runs across the parking lot to the corner of the laundry building..-- this is maybe the 4th year-- don't know if it is the same one... but it travels the exact path.

there is another that  also starts in the chicken pen--gets up on the split rail and goes up over the hill to the guest house somewhere.

i am sure we are feeding a contingent of healthy rats and mice-- when you have chickens--- you have rats---and without poison control only snap traps,, you have fat healthy rats that are  excellent food for  rehab'ing  hawks/snakes and the like at the veternarian hospital.. ..  hence our frozen rodent delivery company
and speaking of birds..... it is time to get the chicken  teenagers  out into t he area behind the t tent...  first we need to check the impenetrability of that fence. - another susan's granddaughters project....

so far so good with buddy-- the new donkey-- he has  those 2 purple frying pans handing outside his stall-- these are for feeding him carrots and grain...  do not feed by hand... and i don't care if you know how to... i do not want him to instinctively reach for hands-- i want him to think treats come from those fry pans--- it is alot safer that way..

 there is a proper  way to feed  by hand--- i get them trained  by touching a carrot between their eyes and sliding it down to their mouth.. 

that is one of those statements/rules i make where someone will decide they know something better- when in fact they do not have a clue  why...,...  so just do it...

you may see me ocasionally do something else-- when i do i am testing to see  the reactions etc..

am i nuts???? well donkeys and horses go craqzy  over peppermints-- now think of all the donkey jobs i have done around christmas where every kid from 2 years old to 78  has  been eating peppermint candy canes and has that smell on their tiny little fingers.
 we never feed peppermints without touching the donkey between the eyes first...

and.... here is another---- never feed a carrot by letting  him- or any horses here...bite it off himself--- i can just hear someone "oh i do that all the time"-- well not here-- because just think if he is - quite rightly expecting to bite off a carott and gets a finger instead- he would be biting to hang on and break off the carrott--  which would be hard on the finger you used to have....

i don't think i pasted this already...
 hope this finds Tess adjusting to Her retirement. I hope She finds and focuses on what She needs to settle in and enjoy her after work life. Just as I am trying to focus on each day after Tess.
I doubt I have the word craft to do justice to the service dog team. Bonding is often used and it is a good word! But somehow it comes up short. We a team become so much more that. And it is so hard to explain to others.........We meld or bond but it is deeper even than this We are two different bodies but almost like one body and mind. We come to anticipate? No, We know the others action and reactions before they happen. Often it is said of people and pets they grow on Us. Our service dogs seem to grow in Us become part of Us on so many levels We end up not being able to explain it or come close to explaining it. So when separation takes place be it a death, retirement or forced retirement it is somewhat like taking a paper doll and ripping it down the middle, that might just come close to just how intertwined a Service Dog Team becomes. Then the two halves or which half is left depending upon the circumstances of the separation  have to try to right the ship and go on alone as best they can until a time when opportunity presents another solution to help them along. Carrying on isn't easy We grieve, shed tears and long for each other when the day quiets We find ourselves thinking (I'm sure our Dog does too at times)
but We limp on awaiting the chance not to replace the other but awaiting the time another deep, loving soul shows up to stand beside Us silently speaking to our hearts and minds telling Us "lean on Me! I'm here to help You now, I'll brace or stand here and all will be alright! I'm here" As We hope and pray our dog's will find and be told the same.
This is quite long so I'll end it up quickly, I came to The Service Dog Project a few years ago out of the blue for a service dog to replace my old one who died. You I come as a distant family member of SDP although far from the farm, Tess and I were your unknown Ambassadors  out here standing in testament to the kind caring selfless organization and People you are. We told our story and about SDP to everyone who asked and with Tess beside me there were many. So now I find myself asking again. Please keep your eyes and ears open for the Dog who will look up into your face and whisper into Your heart Al need's Me! I'm ready to go help Him. Thanks for all You've done and all You continues to do For all of Us Service Dog Teams! Sincerely Al. 

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