Friday, July 4, 2014

i have been challenged-- at mail call tonight... colleen and tracy-- who are both word search experts want me -- because of my creative spelling abiities..---to do one on camera-- it seems only fitting that they do a sudoko at the same time.... 

i am no suduko expert, but i use the rated sudoko puzzles to judge if those allergy pills are affecting my ability to think logically..

i will be coughing today because  i don't dare take a pill
that does not explain why i had so much trouble trying to take a bath this morning...

i have a big bath tub--- remember the episode of my old friend shiela taking me around to bathtub stores and having me get in them to try them...
with difficulty someone installed it,......i was too cheap to do the proper plumbing - so i have one of those hand held shower things-- but when the spray is shut off it does not gush out the  bathtub inlet.
so i fill the tub one teaspoon at a time..  
used to be  you put a stopper in the outlet and simply filled the tub.
no simple stopper any more-- this tub has a gasket sort of deal where one click empties the tub and 2 clicks fills it... in theory-- and it empties the tub v e r y   slowly-- so there are times  when i am not sure if i am on a one click or two... because it does get stuck at 1.5 and you have to listen for the noise in the overflow hole..          so i left it filling... very slowly.

and got the stuff i bought at costco yesterday  a spray vasoline- recommended by the dermotologist.
3 to a pack--- well i tried to figure out how to get the stuff out of the bottle--to no avail-- so i gave earlene a bottle and we both tried to figure out how to open it. probalby 15 minutes of both of  us...  i started to call their 800 number when earlene pushed something and got sprayed with it...

that is not the end of my proiblem with the moisturing spray...
while my tub was dribbling in, i read the directions-- "lightly spray the rub into the creases"  
not too difficult.

out of the tub-- quick dry off and spray once and rub.... now there is no way  i can depress the spray button again with this vasoline goop all over the hand that rubbed.

the person who designed this spray probably makes $200,000 per year--  they need to hire me to see if i can work these things   with all of my preconceived notions of how things ought to work.

having been challanged by both the bathtub and spray bottle,the  IQ test with colleen and tracy is not looking good.
but the camera and sound are working pretty well...  i think i am waiting for a piece of "stuff"  to replace the thing in the t tent.and we did have over 500 people watching last night...  it was pretty funny

tracy knew that these packing peanuts were some kind of corn-- and proceeded to eat them-- which shocked me-- she also knew you could spit on them and stick them together....  where she gets her info i do not know...  but it worked...
it was hot--   the barn is now a/c  i was told it was working fine..  the mister was working too .

we need the rain  and you can not clip a wet donkey--- so that project is on hold...
i hope a bunch of people show even if the rest of the country considers it a holiday... the dogs need the usual...
i may get a bunch of wood and start the new kennels ... if i can whack together a prototype maybe someone else could take over... 
it would be cooler than any outdoor project-- and it is supposed to pour.. 

it could be on the arena camera if they spin it around...

( i have a new mouse----i had a preconceived notion about the computer... when it was just the mouse..) 

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