Saturday, July 12, 2014

july 12 2014
today's project is to go buy pineapple juice. 
  i am told by an un named camera person- it will cure my personal opinion in this matter is that the pineapple growers association of hawaii sets this rumor on the internet just at the start of allergy season-- this gives the thinking public a chance to drink 3 weeks of pineapple juice before mother nature shuts off the reproductive system of the  various trees and grasses ----so less pollen = less alergy=less cough and the pineapple growers profits from the profit  and takes the credit .

they hopefully make enough to carry them thru til flu season when  the previously trained pineaple drinking cough-ers will pass their  wisdom along to a new generation of sneezers..  and on it goes.
most exciting news so far ... is ....i did get a license plate for the dump trailer
 ( since i seem to be minus my horse trailer)  this is an added luxury ... in my previous life i had a farm plate which went between trailers   --- consequently if it wasnt missing, it was frozen on to the wrong trailer  with rusty bolts and the wrench was no wheres to be found---   
 but dumping is good...  now i can take that load of old sofa's to the "transfer station"  -- get weighed in-- unload--get weighed out- (a  pay by the pound exercise) and go to home depot for the plywood for the hayloft  all before the end of the day-- so tomorrow anyone caught standing around will be encouraged to  line the hayloft floor with the extra layer of plywood...  just in case i gain any more weight..-- i already have a n extra layer in the middle where we dragged hay in and out.... now i need to do the whole floor-- and apint it with tough paint.
add a few lights and grace should be in business.

i was shocked to  hear about the  trash situation in the washington dc area..  i was told such a thing as a t ransfer station does not exist...   that is where the smaller trucks unload and it all gets smushed into a huge 18 wheeler and trucked to maine  ( nor penna if you are in ny)..

with ye olde american ingenuity  i bet they have found a new word, having had our officials outlaw  dumping  or transferring.   trash happens.

i have several books on the topic in the guest house..  "new york garbage" is one of them
melissa  who lost annie to old age mostly... is needing another dog... rogue..... not to replace  but to go at  a different life again...  i hav not had a chance to start teh deaf training-- but saw no reason to interupt the bonding which has started to take place..  with luck she will train her and we can get the credit.

Hi just wanted to update you. Rogue arrived and was soo excited!!! She has done wonderful with the kids. She has been very focused on me but really loves kissing the kids and loves their hugs. She reallly loves my daughter and goes to her often. (My daughter has adhd) We walked around my neighborhood and rogue was great! She is very gentle with the baby! She has been great and just follows us everywhere. She finally peed but has yet to poop.. she has lots of ripe gas but hasn't pooped yet.. i will try again soon.
Thank you so much.. we will see you Tuesday morning. I will update you again tomorrow!
♡ Melissa D. ♡

apparently we are having troulble withthe bulk mailing company constant contact  who sends out this email-- aol was a problem because my list is so large they thoutghti  it was spam.. 

speaking of bulk quantities...would you all please go to  and like th epicture of our arena  then thank them for helping with our building project...

it will help me convince them to cntinue with our 50% discount on  the odd things i get from farm tek...