Tuesday, July 1, 2014

july 1,2014
new years resolution... why are they for january alone...i was going to keep a clean desk to celebrate june--- and we all see how that went.... not even the pixalating can hide thie mess...

however.... one of the cp's "wondered" about any fluctuating of the current in the house causing the problem...  so today i checked  our magic numbers are 32 and 12  as opposed to yesterday  1.1 and 2.3  and the picture is lovely.. just for educational purposes i will test the mic with puppy noises  ..  

molly reports noises  so it must be a "go".

i was all set to try plugging the camera into the generator and see if that cleared the problem... but right now.. it ain't broke.

i remember the guy who wired this house drank heavily-- consequently the switch for the porch is in the upstairs bathroom ....that was a minor problem----   the exciting part was----we burned up a dishwasher and a garbage disposal because he had 220  into 110 kind of circuit..
being new in town i was unaware of the politics of "inspectors"  and reported the  problem to the building inspector... who said he could not do anything about it....
this is the man who 25 years later refused to give me a building permit for the arena  because "you are out of your league, you are only a woman" causing me to spend $27,000 having soil compression tests before putting up a building which would be more  inclined to lift UP in a stiff wind. 

 so not expect me to forget that one...  i have been busy, but i wonder how many building permits involved  soil compression testing in the last 25 years.

and i think the entire building arrived in 3 tractor trailers.... and the roadway did not buckle..1
one of my neighbors bailed me out of that one by buying an easement over about an acre of my property.

the new stalls are coming along... david seems to be doing whatever .. and  we went to the the rental guy at home depot so he would not think we stole his floor cleaner.-- and we have one more floor to do.  the nutt house.
it is nice to have a goal of the day... today i will try and clip buddy's face and trim up the rest of him----i did buy some powder just in case--- but i have seen no  evidence of lice.

other  than that... try and figure out a very strange entry in the quicken accounting program....  ( a deposit.. entered as split-- then added the total amt   balance  also to the income figure-- well to be technically correct... it added almost the total of the split items  -- which makes it even harder to figure out.... raises he// with reconciling with the bank tho)  colleen is due here tonight to  work on numbers and i thought it would be nice to present her with a starting point.

 by the looks of things....that ain't gonna happen- 

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