Wednesday, July 16, 2014

july 16 2014
i am ashamed as to why the camera was out for so long--
faulty duct tape..

since you are all anxious to know-- and i hope someone is keeping a list of things to check before we call tim.....--- are there 2 lights on the camera--- one power and the other network

in this case  no power- no network-
the reason being --- the camera ( round thing) is plugged into an overhead socket thing on the  heavy aluminum  rectangle---  one would assume it would lock in place so it would  not drop straight down to the floor..... which i am sure is how it was designed...

except..... something in me ( ?murphy's law?) when i was installing it for the first time, caused me to lift it into place, and then add duct tape over the top and down the other side--- i must have been suspicious of that  locking mechanism....  because in the hot weather the duct tape glue gave just enough for the camera to slide down about 1/8 of an inch... unplugging itself...  

thus driving all of us nuts looking for all the  thousands of complicated  technical reasons it could  be off air.

brings to mind the  "kiss"   "keep it simple stupid"

so  please and thank you -----next time we have a problem  i am sure one of you will remind me  "is it plugged in?    before we bother tim and jon...

i would love  to take it apart and try and figure out why i added the duct tape in the first place--  but at the moment it makes more sense to just add more duct tape..

 because what happened must have proven my suspicion that the locking was not adequate somehow.

more duct tape....
i was very  happy to welcome sheila to the tuesday mail call  with full sound and fury.. it was a quick prep because we/i had very many other problems  of the day....
none the least of which is  the battle of  AOL  vs  Daily Doggie---
 constant contact - whom is paid by me to get the thing out--gave me a long list of reading material  basically forget aol  get a new email address  fo rmyself and send it out under that .. with directions how to  get a gmail address and to have it verified... so i did all that--- which because i read sooooo slowly took me forever ..

i am happy to report that is all done
i am unhappy to report it seems to have made no difference...
so today i will have to phone them.

you see... it is my age...
i don't read well because my short term memory is gone and i forget the first part of a sentance before i get to the end-- complicated by 2 eyesight problems --- double vision and dog slobber on my eye glasses.

so today i will call them on the phone  and have to be challenged by the fact my hearing ain't what it used to be either.

as i have said before-- even being partially deaf-- is a very isolating factor...  i never hear all the really good gossip when people forget to look at me when they talk so i can read lips... 

 and poor tim trying to describe the 4700 wires  connecting the camera to the world  was a humiliating experience...
now for the good news of the day-- get ready world here i come  
anne showed me how to voice a text message..

i bet there are 100 times a day i would like to  get a message to someone and can not face the shakey hands  hitting the wrong keys then having the phone try and decide what the words were  which thus far has produced some really odd emails...

but i am only allowed to complaine about one ailment a day

i am about 3 days ahead of myself today.

we heard from joanne-- who said she could come out here on sat for an overnight.--
jackie has gone back to indianna 
and mary is here from florida
turns out she lives a stones throw frm sheila's new house in vero beach...

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