Friday, July 18, 2014

july 18 2014
toenails caught my attention early today-- first bailey's-- then mine--
so as i sat there snipping away, i wondered about all those huddled masses in syria or egypt running around the town with one arm in the air-- often with rifle in hand....----  do they ever cut their toenails?  and if they don't is there any particular group of people ---like terrorists --- that we could identify by the condition of their toenails? 

 toenail inspection... i can see it now...

actually... a great deal of my youth was spent inspecting toenails... i was a  red cross water safety instructor at the local ywca ( indoor pool).. i don't know  what the routine is  now.... but back in th 1950's ---all kids got a  cleanly laundered .. cotton bathing suit, put it on, got in the shower, took the bathing suit off and tossed in under the curtain so i could see they were showering au natural-- then they put it back on... stepped thru a narrow passageway with a chlorine laced puddle to where i sat ---they put their foot up on a stool and spread their toes so i could see if they had any athletes foot-- then they jumped in the pool  ready for thier swimming lessons

oh how i  liked th e kids who could spread their toes without touching them-- so as i sat there waiting for the last out of the showers, i used to practice spreading my toes without touching them.

old age is setting in----- 
i can still spread  the toes on my right foot,  but i have lost the ability to spread the toes on my left foot.  i bet it has some fancy neurological name which someone learned to spell at some medical school costing $250,000 per year tuition.

now most dairy farms have the same arrangement of walking the lady cows thru a disinfecting puddle twice a day t get into the milking  stalls...

thus endeth the lesson for the day.

i think we are in good shape with the new scheduling- maria has gone on holliday for a bit- pam is trying to get us a little more organized.. and in the process.....i thought maybe one benefit of volunteering here might be-- for those purple shirted volunteers (last i heard it was 500 hours  of poo picking to get a purple shirt) if they want a costco membership, i could add them to the service dog list.
 i hear tell that explore is going to send us a mic-- 
 to that end... i am going to get the camera properly hung and off the tripod that sits in the doorway... everything around here has an element of " make it work on a temp basis in case we want to change it later.."   well that camera is pretty permanent- and the only thing we loose is the ability to  point it out the window at the pond. we also loose the ability to trip over wires, have a puppy get stuck in the tripod legs while the camera tries to fall down.

you people can not see the arraingement-- i will take a photo of the mess and post it later( when someone comes in who can do that)  we will still need the duct tape but if we can just eliminate the drooping wires...
to that end meatcut steve brought is a roll of   "gaffer tape"-- another element from my past...
a gaffer- in my world of movie production- was a guy walking around the set with about 8 rolls of various tape hanging off his belt-- literally a huge wad of many kinds and colors.--- there was a gaffer truck-- and lots of gaffer things like ladders--- and just to  make today really educational...    there were apples.

an APPLE was a very specifically constructed  wooden box my guess the measurement was 8" x 18" x 12"  you could stand an elephant on an apple.
there were also 1/2 apple and 1/4 apple and pancakes- to prop up everything needing propping on a movie set..
    "give me  a 1/2 apple"    was normal language.  

i had an apple around here somewhere- i bet t is still here-- it would not dare fall apart.
 once again i will try to go hammer  the floor down in grace's new craft room.
pounding nails down is very therapeutic.
 meat shack is 99%
 new kennels 25% 
nutt house  78%