Sunday, July 20, 2014

july 20 2014
happy day after the 19th  because i forgot..
other than that i think i have finally arrived...

i came out of my bedroom with 
a pocket full of tiny dog bones ........( thanks to cp's)
a pocket full of pokerchips .............( thanks to camera  mark  who said he would get me more soon)
my cell phone... ............................( already charged) 
my  wandering amex credit card .....which needs to land in the usual place
hair combed
matching sox
and i did not trip over the tripod.

what more could i ask for.???
you have no idea how simple life is with out tripod tripping
not only is it the trip.... with or without full cup hot coffee,  but it is the worry that the tripod is screwed to a million dollar  camera that explore has seen fit to give to us...  so even with a rope around the camera, and the tripod,  tied to the bank vault door, i worried..( that is a bank vault door you know.... they were tearing down a bank, and that was the only thing i could carry away as a souvineer... that is too long a story)  now--- thanks to the camera people....  it is hung with 2 dog training collars that one cp gave us a while ago-- and  16 double ended snaps which we just got last week.. love those brass snaps-- 

granted i now can replace them with more chain--- or even rope-- but in the design phase of this-- i could snap away the adjustments til i got it level...... somewhat like i do whit fence posts and hay string.

with the tripod  there was always a "width" problem-- the tri...pod...  ( 3 feet in latin or something..)   was it better to have one leg behind the sofa and 2 in the door way--- or 2 stuffed backwards and ony one really in the way.????... because  there is a part of the human anatomy which did not easily fit thru the remaining space  whether it was  two smaller  leg liftings  or one big one.

i have studied these things-- that knowledge  of rump width is very valuable to some industries-- like airlines..... who are far less generous with their inches than i was...
however the camera is now hung in the doorway... becoming a real headwhacker... which is far safer for the camera.  humans will have to learn.  
now the value of this camera is not a million dollars--- tho the results of having it could eventually  reach numbers like that, ---we have as volunteer , an honest to goodness  carreer tech  who seems to know "stuff"  i can not even dream about.... and she saw the microphone that tim sent  and was impressed that explore was taking such good care of us..

i have not had permission from tim to plug it in yet.... i don't know if he has to talk to it first-- even if he is in siberia.
jack brought laura to work yesterday-- and took one look at our kennel project and 14 minutes later he had constructed the remaining 4 stalls that would have taken a normal person 3 days to do.

jack  is a constant reminder that hiring someone who knows what they are doing may take the excitement out of a project  but provides a consistancy and speed that is incomprehensible to most  around here. 

this may come to play with this freezer project....  delivering it flat on one pallet and putting  the walls together may .. in this case save alot of money-- and possibly time--  i will hear from the dealer on monday...

this will leave bud 1  considering the electrical delivery system-- probably in conjunction with bryan...
shannon has arrived-- and has gone with grace  to make all the barn dogs bark.....   the house is dead quiet since hillary fed at about 5am.

i will tell chaos that paul is coming today--- it is not paul who will be here- but earlene---   chaos thinks earlene's name is paul  and the minute i tell her "pauls is coming today "she will stand at attention til earlene arrives -- so i don't say anything  til we get closer to the eta.
meatcutter steve left a huge tray of coldcuts--- i will be very sorry when his school goes on vacation---  we get the left overs- which are sometimes extremely good.  whatever school that is-- they eat well..

and so it goes

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