Tuesday, July 22, 2014

july 22 2014
for lack of anything better to talk about.....
pam was overnight and she is trying to make our organization , organized.
  and  she has some good ideas... 
and some bad ones...

 so lets start with trash-- one of my favorites--  i have often said the president of the country can come and go   but the really important person in my life is the trash collector..  without them we would be dead in a week. there are many facets of trash management...

#1  earlene and i removed 4 trash cans from our  prime real estate, the t tent. sunday stewers could barely get in there because of all the extra trash cans.
#2 the dumpster is collected by volume-- fill it - they take it.  the green trailer is dumped at the transfer station by weight. roll on th e scale  go  unload.. get on the scale and pay the ticket.
#3.  the manure pile is NOT  to be used as a trash receptacle.   that is a valuable resource people will pay me for.      one soda can or hay string, and i have to pay to have it removed . shape up.
#4. we do have provision for recycling-- and returnable cans/bottles  so do that.
#5.  we have mobile trash containers-- called vans--- ridiculous--- so i am asking we have  trash containers next to the 2 gate openers  where you have to sit and wait for the gate to open-- so unload the trash !!!  and if it is raining -- tip them sideways so they don't collect water.
the gate openers are a place where everyone goes- even those with their own remote usually sit and wait... we can use that time to clean the vans etc..
another people collecting place is the medical sheet--- that is where lists et collected

shopping lists,  wish lists,  and since this list of pams... a list of signs we need to have...

putting up signs  ---makes the assumption  that people read-- which is  simply not true..
plus the more signs you have the fewer people will read..
a critical one---we need  "don't park here on a monday  because  the dumpster people need space..
but the sign business can get out of hand 
 if you need a sign that says "please throw trash in the can" then you are too foolish  to even be on the property.
 we do need some carefully chosen signs  i agree...
the handling of trash is a bigger problem  than most people realize.. "throw it away "  is a thing of the past-- we have run out of an AWAY to throw things.
i have seen horror shows about the trash situation in china-- they may have inherited all our manufacturing... but they also inherited all the problems that go with it-- like trash.

i quit for the day-- 
 i have fish to fry-- like ordering the walkin freezer.
and i really would like to investigate a new golf cart.

thought for the day-- the absolutely worst training  concept....

"be a good dog"   
means they are being bad... and all they hear is the good dog part.

note from pam...

We are working to combine all the information we have to create a comprehensive list so we can email volunteers on a regular basis with info, needs, etc...and so we can work on more consistent scheduling. If you are a current volunteer or want to volunteer please send Pam an email with "sdp volunteer" in the header, to pampaul@gmail.com. Thank you!


Our Volunteer Meeting is scheduled on Sunday, August 3 from 9:45-10:45am. This gives us time to help before and after to compensate for the lost “working” time. We will discuss scheduling, tasks, and other items related to the organizing of volunteers and the tasks at the farm.

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