Thursday, July 31, 2014

july 31 2014
all those people who are amused at my nodding off in the golf cart at 3pm-- just send me your phone numbers so i can call you at 3am.

somebody told me it has something to do with age.
there is alot  to do with age i am not at all happy about

  i find i have been doing it all wrong for years
everyone is soooo helpful--
i am not really making fun of all these folk... could be they are all right and i have been all wrong for years... so i pass this on with the hopes of letting people know so they can try and report back in triplicate..

 the most dedicated have been the "mothers vinegar" drinkers..
 there are alot of people who are shocked that i never knew about it.... or even heard of it.
as far as i can tell it is the human counterpart of WD40.  cures/ prevents  alot of things..
couple spoonfulls 3 times a day--  
 i have been trying a couple spoonfulls of icecream 3 times a day, and that has tightened up my jeans very well.
 but "mothers vinegar"?   a few people give it to their dogs too... and i never heard of it in the dog community either... apparently sold in the normal stores..

i plan to have a go at it--- i certainlyy have a list of ailments it is guarenteed to cure.
it's claim to fame is the sediment... apparently mother  found marketing the sediment was easier than getting round to  straining it..  mothers are good at that stuff.

we have a volunteer who has never had a dog because her mother is extremely alergic-- but from th elook on the face of the woman  who dropped the kiddo off, i would suspect she is actually terrified of dogs.  maybe she is-- i don't mean to be unkind  but i think mothers sometimes take creativity to a new level.  i know i did-.

and i know there is  such a thing as the poor people who can ot havee a ddog in the house...  camera marks wife barbara is one of them--  i have seen the proof-- her face gets bright red.

ptsd---- which i know is absolutely real-- which also enables a few  people to take advantage-- i did not mean to test the validity of a couple of our recipients, but i broke a balloon in the office one day- and the 2 veterans sitting there ran for the door.

so back to my   mothers vinegar discussion--- shannon said any supermarket has it.
well market basket does not

 for those of you not from this area.. google marketbasket- it is worth the ride..
apparently "the board" decided to fire one of the  corporate managers.  and the guy was well kknown for taking good care of his employees- at the expense of some stockholders who wanted prices raised so thier  profits would be greater..
at the moment- the local market basket has  nothing --- zero--- in the bakers dept.... only  ham in the meat dept---  and only parsnips in the long tables usually filled with produce.
the employees  are wandering around with petitions... ""tell them to hire him back"
meanwhile a truck full of beef ( refrigerated) sat with no one to unload it it so it was sold  to  some other  chain brooklyn, ny.

and on it goes... i can not imagine what this is costing the company.
i went and looked around-  the usually crowded store had virtually no one.... even the person riding around in one of the marketbasket electric scooters was in trouble-- it ran out of energy in the back of the store and the person could not walk out too easily... i did offer to help. but the other scooters were dead too.

it is a classic arguement---  i think the principal people are related... 2 brothers/ cousins...   george and arthur demoulas???

back to the hay loft floor

wayne did lift all the plywood  out of the  raised tractor bucket-  into the hay loft...- it was impressive-- i do not know of another person who could have hefted that  stack of  20 sheets of 1/2 inch plywood.

so on it  goes.