Saturday, July 5, 2014

JULY 5 2014
 we survived the rain.. it came down  the easy way..

funny story of the day..joann is here - a potential recipient-  and since marie was int he guest house with  her dog, she ended up here int he house... she said she wanted to sleep with opal-- who could not go up the spsiral stairs-- and that is the last i knew about it untili got up at midnight -- there was an interesting lump next to  opal -- i did not see how a person could be folded into that shape- but what do i know.. so i made myself some coffee .. at which time  joanne  appeared  from upstairs ready to bed down on the big barker bed with opal--   i was certainly Glad she did not sleep in that peculiar lump shape.

now on the topic of insuation---

now that we have heat in the kennels-- and duct work going thru the loft.... i am thinking i should do something about the  hay loft  ceiling and get it cleaned up... it is july  
haveing regular insulation is just not going to work-- too difficult to put up -- hiring a crew wold take months-- there is an agricultural insulation   sort of bubble wrap in tinfoil  which is  not the same as the r19 fiberglass- but better than nothing and comes in 150 foot rolls  the hay loft is 75 x 35 so the roof is probably 75 x 20 x 2  use that and add tyvek ( with the plain white side showing.....)  couple staple guns and we could be done in 4 hours...  then do real insulation over the kennels downstairs.

if anyone can  come up with a logical reason of why not.. squeeek up.... or  i will order it monday from farmtek..;;pg101382_101382A.html

 annie organized   excell to get a few donors to send chips to.. with hopes they share them....  marc said he could make us more-- i guess it is barbara that actually makes them--- ( on some machine that costs  millions of dollars...) 

ready to take another great leap forward.... with the floor on the nutt house..
( and get these pups on their way---  i think we have a litter due  first week of august...  we have not had a chance to do an ultrasound because she lives up in new hampshire.. so we  HOPE  we have a litter due...)