Saturday, July 26, 2014

june 26 2014
i think we have such good sound now that we have to be careful about leaving a radio on in the next room..  it will be on only around mail call and maybe at "birthing parties.."  not all the time.....  i prefer to vent minus world wide coverage.

it is attached to the camera with no wires dangling.. tim said there iis a slight hum that could be fixed by wiring it straight to the camera...  which means taking it down and apart.

doesn't that sound like aq disaster in the making????  i will wait for meat steve to come help lift-- or tall grace...

in the meantime....

my chore of the day is to get  everything lined up so visiting cp's can put down the floor in grace's room.  jack ( laura's father- carpenter....) told me we needed builders paper between the layers of plywood-- soo ooo because i 
forgot to deposit the $30 of fun money, i spent it on this  builders paper which will prevent the floor from squeeking.. when you come here for dog fest you can all climb he ladder and test   "to squeek or not to squeek"

as for the person who sent me an email and said to stop the nonsense about craft rooms and get back to dog training..... i want it known, i took a dog with me to buy the builders paper... so  i was training....
so there.

enjoy al's comment about tess when she was working... by the way she is doing very well-- she is here because sunday sandy had a death in the family..

Thanks for the update on Tess and how She is doing! I have been wondering how She is.
In a recent DD you mentioned the sign for no more treats and the Dogs know the meaning of it. I don't think I ever related to you how much more they pick up around the farm. I know you have chickens and that larger dogs "baby sit" the puppies for safety esp. from birds of prey while they are little.  
Tess liked to got down to one of the athletic fields/playgrounds in town (there is a spring fed creek running along side of it and she liked walking in the middle of it occasionally poking her head in to get a drink) One day as We came out from by the creek Tess's attention riveted toward two children scampering about flying kites. The kites were the kind that looked like birds (hawks or eagles) they were about 20 feet over the children and every way the children went so did the kites! Tess looked at me then the children, then at me! As I didn't react with urgency She decided to take things into her own paws! Stepping with purpose over towards the children, glancing at me wondering what I wasn't in a hurry I guess. She spotted the mother and then the looks were at me, at the mother then the children who were in peril no she thought. As we got closer the Mother told the children not to run because the large dog was coming by, they stopped the kites dropped and Tess stopped in wonder. I asked if She could sniff their kites and explained that she thought those big birds were trying to catch them which got Tess some hugs and thank you Tesses from them ....Tess satisfied that no danger was there continued on our way happy with a job well done! It did take me a week to convince her She didn't need a super hero cape to wear! In my bias opinion She's the best and I hope she has a very nice retirement. Sincerely Al