Saturday, August 16, 2014

aug 16 2014
i feel a pink  envelope campaign coming on...  yankee clipper inn... in rockport refused to let larry stay with his dog-- and was  most disagreeable... i need to find the actual owner of  that yankee clipper inN..  lynne is on it and is relentless... go get 'em.... there was no excuse..  and larry could stand some cheerful notes too... 

  so please you can do a great thing for the price of  a couple stamps.

 so for that cheerful note....
larry  peterson
83 nautical lane
s. yarmouth  ma  02664 

then to the manager who was obnoxious... send a piece of your mind...

General Manager, Mike Barnhard 
yankee clipper inn
127 granite street
 rockport  ma  01966

and we will find the actual owner-- town offices are closed today - probably tho i will check-- letter to owner should be  "with such a beautiful building it is a shame to have such a disagreeable manager who is ignorant of the ada laws..."
seems logical to check and see if they aren't due for a health inspection and maybe building inspection too.

 there is also  a possible purple shirt  trip... with dogs... sheila is contemplating that... if she can get the media attention...

if we can get most mailed on monday-- it would be very helpful 
so get at it. 
 moving on....
saturday is beginning... in case you didn't know..  and we hit 11 million last night..

i need ( someone?sheila?) to take opal for another blood test-- her last was .4--- that is point 4 ------ and we need 5.00 ---- and 3 days after that   surgical implant.  frozen sperm is not the greatest--- but sometimes works when there is no other alternative.. holly said she got 4 pups from her last frozen deal...  i would be happy with 4--  
these 4 look wonderful--  and they do look like orcas---- especially from the bottom.
meanwhile  ann tells me  that walter's breeder has a litter she wants to sell-- mostly mantles???  and not related to walter and scarlot.
walter is big...  for an odd reason he had his head on top of my refrigerator-- with ease.
of course with slobber and bits of food  also.
 last night mail call someone asked how many dogs we have donated this year...   and our file is nearly up to date... i think it is about 10
we need a few volunteers to be dedicated kong managers-- they need to be cleaned up and filled-- they are great entertainment for rainy days    once we get the walkin freezer we will have alot more possibilities for filling them 
that should happen before the end of the month.
i need more coffee


  1. Let me know if your going to the Yankee clipper inn. Mia and I would LOVE to go.

  2. Kongs are dishwasher safe so it's an effective way to wash dozens of Kongs simultaneously on a regular basis :)