Monday, August 18, 2014

aug 18 2014
 nancy said the few emails and lletters she has  received have helped them tremendously... so please... get a letter off to larry and  show him  the virtual army  behind him.  i figure if you all get a note in the mail  today and tomorrow, he ought to feel better along about wednesday and thursday  larry  peterson  83 nautical lane  s. yarmouth  ma  02664 .

as for the yankee clipper inn--- apparently some people have called there - and while their intentions are good, it does not do any good to  be angry with the person who answers the phone..  it wasn't their fault... it was the manager--- who according to the posts  before all this, he was not alway the most gracious host.

lynn has him apparently willing to learn---- a few hundred- letters might make him anxious to learn-- i am sure he will not read them-- but the number of envelopes should make a definite statement.
and hopefully attract a little  more media attention.
 we have 2 more applicants working their way into our "system"
a woman from vermont is in the guest house  trying the bonding bit  and   a couple are camped out in the training room

somebody counted the dogs placed  this year-- 10 service dogs 2 fabulous failures and 5 companion dogs.

 the longer we are in business, the more replacement dogs we will have to produce... 

 bud 2 and maroon are on their way together-- so far so good

Roo and I have been settling in back at home. It's been busy with all the folks that knew and miss Indy wanting to meet Roo coupled with Conner having just gotten home from his vacation. We all went out to eat the other night and dealt with the usual crowd issues.... " don't mind us we just had to come over and stare at you and your dog while you eat".. etc... well I added the last bit.... Roo did great. stood up a few times but could mostly be excused by the interruptions of the nosy folk...
He and our golden have taken to each other very well. they are becoming fast friends. All in all integration at home is a huge success. 
Roo continues to be a complete clown at times which is wonderful. He is a great fit and we will make an outstanding team.

Thank you all ... again ....  bud 2
nice dog that roo...
we had some nice new "stewers" yesterday--- it is always nice to have them park and come over to introduce themselves before wandering  around...   however  there was one bunch  mom and 4 kids- park the car- 4 doors open and 4 kids scattered in all directions... i had to chase them down...
and then the family with 2 kids in those heavy duty wheelchairs--  nice people...they  made thier way into the puppy pen and enjoyed the 11 pups who were not toooooo bad--- certainly lively--- and i warned them.

i was very pleased to have the pups worn out by the time visitors began to go in there with them.. that is a good plan.

 we got the box of kongs going- ready for distribution to bored dogs in kennels-  it will be easier and more interesting when we have a walkin freezer  and can preload them with meat and goodies that hae to be refrigerated.  in the meantime  lets concentrate on gathering up all kongs you see out and around--  to the t tent... for "processing"

that freezer--- i am told-- will be shipped in 4 days---  there will then be a huge effort to get it put together....  and get that whole area tidy again..

it may have to be painted... here we go again...
we are getting dressed up-- not only the potholes, but renee took on the cemetary
I expect to have the grave markers later next week (engraver was on vaca). I've 
used local businesses and they have been marvelous). To confirm, I've had 6 made 
I also have extra stones in case there are other markers needed on the future. 
Enjoy your day,

and then there is the sperm project...
 opal's first blood test  thursday was  .4
her saturday test was  .8
george suggested monday afternoon for the next.
that is today

somebody--- sheila-- remind me.