Tuesday, August 19, 2014

aug 19 2014

happy 19th to all who need a happy day for whatever reason...

our big concern of the day---

 we need to  have a group of  sunday sandy's  who can cope with  the special care for a dog who has more happy life ahead with some nursing care.  
 probably our best example is bailey--- once quite paralalized- and pretty incontinent, with care- and lots of shampoo and laundry, she is doing fine.  is she perfect?  of course she is .... it is the rest of the world's opinion of what she should look like that is imperfect.... she is in no pain- and moves more carefully and slower than she used to
so do i.
so there.

 back to the special care department.
is there anyone - anywhere near us who could take on  a geriatric case?

and as we go along  with over 70 dogs out working-- we are going to have one of these cases  on occasion  when the owner just can not cope.

and we have one now.  the owner is sounding like she can not cope.

i had a call from that mike-- mgr of yankee clipper inn --- he is sending me a  letter he wants me to read at mail call.  he strongly suggests he should have been warned---and did not seem  to get the picture- that it should not be necessary... i asked him if he had to be notified if someone was bringing a wheelchair---

meanwhile renee and lynne are doing battle ... very sweetly... but battle none the less...

get those envelopes in the mail today and tomorrow-- i have a feeling they will be extremely helpful  just in numbers alone...
earlene's  birthday party was a surprise and good fun... 

spinelli's delivered ( never knew they did)  and costco made a sinful cake

earlene is such a relic around here... it is painful to think she will be babysitting startting sept 1st.
chaos will keep looking for her i know.  she said she will try and get here to walk with her.--- just sitting around with her would be good too....
 the other thing i learned about yesterday was   shrink wrap--- sheila had some and wrapped a big bunch of candy etc on a huge plate. for earlene ..  used my hair dryer... perfect ---  got to try it -- first find it...

re  mia---- she needs her teeth picked..---- vets used to do it with a screwdriver sort of thing--- then they invented this power washer for teeth necessitatioing anesthesia and lots of money.. i still revert to the screw driver-- and they tell me i am terrible for not havign them power washed..

Hi, I need to get Mia's teeth cleaned and her nails done. Also want to have her stomach done so she wont get bloat. The trouble I'm having is no vet will let me be with her till she's out and sit with her till she wakes up. The only one I trust her with is Megan. Should I call SDPs vet George? and if I can't be with her can Megan. Thanks Michelle aka Shelly and Mia
and so it goes

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  1. Hi Carlene, I wanted to have everything done at once. Mia will be out for the surgery so they could do the teeth and nails at the same time. Would George do the surgery and let Megan be with her? As far as cost NOTHING is to expensive for my MIA