Saturday, August 2, 2014

aug 2 2014
i think it has happened again...
it is a problem in procedural design.

i put a load of laundry in- transfer it to the dryer-- then put it in a plastic bag for transport to the usual storage facility-- the bureau-- 
problem is  that bag is commonly called a kitchen trash bag..
 i think there was a  break between step 4 and 5 and someone decided it was a bundle of trash...

so i must away to the nearest walmart or sunday could be really spectacular if i have  minimal clothing left.  it is not the first time.
camera/sound -----   courtney has found a tech support person to come try and keep us going right.  
joanne is squirreled away with lydia in the guest house 

 and beth with wicked in the training room ----which i am told is finally spotless. 
 spotless is a reall problem in what can be the dust bowl of crazy acres.
so i have 2 trips to make later today -  to get the new partners out in  the real world.
the dogs are so fond of megan that it works better if i take them out the first time or two..
costco here we come-- sheila?? later today-- you drive??

the hay  loft--- or ?belfry-- as in "bats in the belfry"-- as yet un named--- the floor is down- now the aqrguement about the color to paint it... 

speaking of bats and the like  --- we certainly have  a collection of healthy grain fed  woodland rats-  i don't want to imply that these are pets, but this variety  behave much like squirrels and chipmunks in that they are ... around..  and prolific---  there is one that the volunteers are calling "granny"   - does not even move fast.... buddy and his grain have become far too attractive...

i can remember ..... when i used to have 20 donkeys and 4 or 5 horses, i  would have grain delivered.. and the delivery person would stack 8 bags in the feed room-- i would just  open one a day  and dump into a barrel-- except at one point  by the time i got to the 8th bag--- it was totally empty.
having no poisons on the property does not help-- and we can not have any poisons-- so grace is at it with  the fancy electric traps-- which do work , are safe around dogs , and produce a rat suitable for feeding to rehabilitated  owls and hawks.

crazy acres is the frozen rodent delivery company
i wonder how that would look on  our 990
time to make the donuts...or in my case  experiment with  potato skins for tomorrow.

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